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July 2015


3 Easy DIY Crop Tops & How to Wear Them

Crops tops are everywhere this season, and I don’t think they will be going anywhere soon. Even though they’re meant for summer, I bet you’ll be seeing them around in the fall. With all the different styles around, how do you know which one looks good on you and how do you know how to style it? In this blog post I’m going to show you how to make some easy crop tops. Because, really, you’re paying double the  ...


How to Mix Prints

Mixing prints, like denim on denim, can be hard to master but once done looks oh so chic! However, there are some guidelines to keep in mind when experimenting. 1. Stripes + floral=classic Stripes & floral is a no fail classic combo for mixing prints. It looks casual, chic, and oh so pretty. 2. LARGE + small prints…but never the same size This idea of mixing prints is a little harder to do but still doable. The trick is to do the  ...


How to Wear a Blue and White Romper

Ever wonder what the outfits on Pinterest look like in real life? I love Pinterest and go through phases on what my “board of the moment” is. When I was planning my wedding, naturally I was in the wedding board a lot. When I was in the early decorating stages for my apartment, it was the home board. Now, it’s been fashion. I’m sure you’ve seen this outfit on Pinterest before. When I saw it, I LOVED it instantly  ...

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3 Unexpected Fashion Combos That Work

I love mixing things together that you wouldn’t normally expect. I’m a photographer by day (along with wife, student, blogger, and more) and I like to dream up new things you wouldn’t see everyday. Ideas range from fancy dresses in a forest to glamorous props on a not so glamorous outfit. It’s the unexpected things that make you stand out. Same goes for fashion. I put together and modeled 3 unexpected combos that  ...


How to Wear Denim on Denim

Denim on denim or double denim is a cool, yet difficult style to pull off. By switching out your footwear and adding more or less layers it can be worn any season and if pulled off correctly, looks like you are very fashionable. Though really, all it takes is knowing the secrets behind it! Below are 3 ways to try the double denim look. 1.Mix Different Washes A beginner doing denim on denim should start with a pretty basic rule: mix different  ...

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How to Style a Céline Shirt | Céline Shirt Outfit Ideas

After my first post earlier today introducing what this blog is here for, I decided it’s time to have an official fashion post! I’ve seen this shirt online before and really wanted one of my own! It’s French, says the word Paris, and is my idea of a graphic tee. There are tons of spoofs of this shirt, including the Célfie one, but I prefer the original.  Here are 6 ways to style the Céline t shirt with simple things from  ...

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And a Blog Was Born

Yesterday I did the unthinkable. I went where no man has been before. I cleaned out my closet. A couple days ago I was feeling the terrible illness of “I have nothing to wear.” I bet no one has ever felt that before. I would look in my closet stuffed to the brim of items I have never really worn or didn’t even like. I was tired of not knowing what I had, and not being able to see what I actually liked. So I did what causes  ...