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November 2015


Weekend with my Nieces

I’ve never had the chance to take my two nieces away for a weekend trip until this weekend and it was so much fun!! On Black Friday we picked them up and had a fun night time car trip to Dubuque. This involved lots of story telling, loud singing, and playing “I Spy” in the dark. It was getting late when we finally made it home to Dubuque, but I promised the girls s’mores so we had a couple with sleepytime tea after  ...

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DIY Painted Kitchen Countertops

Counter tops are probably not something you think about painting, but you actually can and it actually works! Painting your counter tops is an easy, but great looking way to have updated counter tops before you can afford the ones you want. Paint is not made to last forever, but it is more durable than you think. I have my eye on some gorgeous wood or granite counter tops, but these at the moment would require lots of time or money so they  ...

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Easiest Way to Get a New Loveseat | DIY Drop Cloth Loveseat

About a year ago I found this second hand floral loveseat. It was one of those that you look at and you think “Is this really cool or really ugly?” At that moment I decided ugly and walked away. It sounds funny, but I couldn’t stop thinking about the love seat and I went back first thing in the morning to get it. It worked in my apartment but I couldn’t find a way to make this floral loveseat fit in with my other  ...

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DIY Headboard From Shutter Closet Doors

Sometimes it only makes sense to have your bed in one position in your room. That’s what happened to me and of course it had to be the most challenging way! The bed looked best in the corner of the room angled, but the problem was that I didn’t have a headboard. I tried sleeping one night without one and my pillows kept falling off the back of the bed. I thought that would happen, but hey, I was being optimistic. I decided I  ...

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DIY Stained Plywood | Subfloor to Main Floor

What are some of the biggest money suckers when updating a house? Flooring is usually one of them. Especially when you’re on a budget. We had a choice: we could redo all the floors right away and…that’s it…or we could have beautiful painted walls and have money for extra things like faucets and cabinet knobs. I chose the latter. So then I had to start thinking about inexpensive ways to have an attractive floor until  ...

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Homeowners! | Our House Story

Wow wow wow. What a crazy month this has been. At least I think it’s been a month, I’ve kind of last track of time. But I am happy to announce that my husband and I have officially bought our “forever starter home.” It’s the first house we’ve ever bought, and while I never initially had plans to move houses for a long time, Titus and I both agree that we never want to move. again. It is such hard work. Now  ...