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December 2015

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DIY Bathroom Makeover

I’m so happy to blog this project because I can reflect on totally made over bathroom that I love. I’ve seen it go from ugly to worse to beautiful. It just shows you how much you can do to totally change a space without breaking the bank. This was definitely not the worst room in the house but it encourages me enough to know that we can tackle the next big thing. After a nice long break of course 🙂 Isn’t it grand?? Would  ...

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I Painted my Bathtub | DIY Painted Bathtub

The more I research house stuff and renovating on a budget the more I realize that you can paint just about anything. They make special paints for appliances, couches, and even bathtubs now. And I’m so thankful they do because I was able to turn this puke colored bathtub into something that…wasn’t puke colored 😉 A can of Rustoleum Tub&Tile paint is $25 while a new bathtub is $200+. Yeah, I’m sticking with the  ...

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DIY Concrete Countertop

This concrete countertop in the guest bathroom is probably one of my favorite house projects so far because it’s been one of the hardest things with an amazing outcome, and it reminds me that at least one room is completely done!! Such a good feeling after you buy a fixer upper and realize that everything needs to be fixed up. I saw ideas online about a concrete top that you didn’t have to form a mold, the kind you just layered  ...

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Cheap DIY Pipe Curtain Rods

Curtain rods can be very expensive and I’m not even sure why. It especially adds up when you have to get new curtains and curtain rods for every window. Luckily, there is a budget friendly and very cool curtain rod option- pipes! Sounds weird, hu? Looks cool though! DIY Pipe Curtain Rods: *Metal pipes at any home improvement store *Spray painted color of your choosing *Hang up and done! For a small window, this would be around $7. Even  ...