It’s 2017!!

Just like everybody, I’m going to say that I can’t believe it’s a new year and time is going by so quickly. I for one like a new year, because I like fresh starts and the renewed encouragement to make things happen!

I started this blog (originally Spoonful of Sparkles) in 2015 to document my outfits, write, and update my family on house projects fixing up our first home!

Because of full time jobs it was very sporadic and I blogged for fun occasionally. Life is always changing and as soon as you think you have a plan it changes again (maybe that’s just me), and events happened in life that led me to return to this blogging thing and give it a good ol’ shot!

I started to focus more on it in September 2016 so that makes 5 months that I can review!

Sidenote: Wow, I’ve been writing bits and pieces of this blog over December and each time I come back I can’t believe it’s been 5 the risk of sounding cliche, time really does go by so fast. It seems like it can drag on in the moment but when you look back… *whoosh* (that is the sound of time moving quickly)

Sidenote over.

Everyone usually talks about their hopes and dreams for the new year and I’m going to do that as well, but in a different way. So for those that are curious about my goals, ambitions, and just plain ol’ me, I will interview myself (any Office fans remember this scene with Dwight?) 😉

Why did you start a blog?
I started this blog in 2015 as a creative outlet to document my clothes, house projects, and give fashion tips. Writing, designing, photography, styling, and creating are all things I enjoy, so it was a fun past time with a thought that maybe years from now I could make it into something more.

What made you want to make it more fashion concentrated?
Ah, so you’ve noticed I haven’t been posting house things lately (this is really weird trying to talk to myself). I found an online fashion blogging course and they suggested to focus on one thing first and as you become more established, break into something more. This made lots of sense to me as all of my marketing textbooks suggest the same thing: start out specialized and then branch out. Plus, I can always have a fashion thing to post…but there are only so many house projects you can start. I am not ruling out house projects or lifestyle and faith posts, but I will come back to that in the future.

Where do you hope to take this blog?
What a good question Carolyn! Let’s be real. Anyone would love to make a job and career out of doing something they love. I have ideas about where I would like to go with this, but nothing concrete. As of now I’m really just enjoying taking pictures, writing, and posting, but I do have more of a business mindset in the back of my mind. I would love to be able to travel with a company, make money off sponsored posts, get a job in fashion, do some modeling, and maybe even help design a clothing line. Based off where I live, my opportunities are extremely limited, so I guess we’ll just see what happens. Sometimes I can get really discouraged because all of the things I want to do or I think would be perfect for me are in New York or Los Angeles…basically anywhere but small town Iowa. It’s not in our future to start a new life elsewhere right now, so I’m trying to see if I can create the job I want where I am by combining fashion, photography, writing, styling, and vacations. 😉

Has anything cool happened since you started blogging?
I’m glad you asked, because yes! I’m truly surprised at the amount of growth I’ve experienced in a short amount of time. Yes, someone will always grow faster and better than you, but you can’t compare yourself to others and you have to focus on your own journey that God has given you (eek, sorry, sounds like a Hallmark card). So with that being said, in my short months of blogging I’ve been happy to work with 11 brands and counting (Amrita Singh, eShakti, Davis Dynasty Designs, thredUP, I Love Apparel, Chrissy’s Knee High Socks, Lani, 599 Fashion, Nothing Fancy Boutique, Heinau Blooms, Cachet Boutique)  I’ve truly loved getting to work with new and established brands, and getting to know the people behind them. It’s so fun to collaborate together and make connections.

Also, I’ve been invited to and covered a fashion show. Burlington Coat Factory (one of my favorite stores) noticed my photo and wanted to repost it. TjMaxx (also a favorite store) liked one of my photos. I did get to fulfill a little of my modeling dream by being the product photos for Amrita Singh. I got my Fall Outfit Guide featured on Delight & Be, and other happy, fun surprises along the way. I don’t say all of this to brag and I don’t want you to think “wow, that’s so cool” (cuz really I’m not cool at all), but to tell you that there’s no way these things could happen on my own in a short amount of time if everything were down to me. Really I’m just thankful that God has given me these opportunities so quickly and that I have the opportunity to do something I enjoy. However long God wants this to last (He gives and takes away), I will just be thankful I got the chance to do something I love and work together all of my talents He has given me!

What do you hope to accomplish in 2017?
Well in 2017 I would like to do a giveaway on my Instagram (I actually JUST did that-woohoo off to a great start!) and continue to make connections and grow my Insta. I don’t have anything crazy planned because I’ve read that you need BIG numbers before you can get paid or offered things and I want to be realistic and not set myself up for failure. So I plan to continue interacting with people on Instagram and continue to improve my photos and feed.

What would you like to improve in 2017?
In 2017 I hope to improve my blog. It goes so terribly slow and I am the least techy person out there to know why. I would like to be more consistent with my blogging. I plan to only blog once a week, but most times I don’t plan ahead well enough and I’m rushed trying to get all these blog posts out while they are still relevant. I would like to get in a consistent habit of pinning my clothes to Pinterest. I would also like to improve my knowledge of how this industry works. It is a fairly new thing for bloggers and influencers to be treated as actual marketing for brands and companies, so there is not a lot out there. And from what I’ve gathered, stuff doesn’t happen overnight in this field because it is so saturated, unless you get a big feature or re-post or get a picture with a celebrity (anyone know someone that’s famous?), and even then what could normally take 4 years could take 2. I have big dreams and sometimes I need a good dose of reality to know that things won’t happen as soon as I want or the way I want. If at all. So my ultimate focus on 2017 is to keep everything in God’s hands and enjoy the blessings He has given me thus far.

I really don’t know what I’m doing and I act on impulse most times, haha. But the best part about working for yourself is that you don’t have anyone to answer to. But I have you guys to thank for all the support so far on this new journey! It’s been tons of fun, but it’s even more fun knowing I’m helping or inspiring somebody else out there. You guys are really the best!

Here’s to a great 2017!


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