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January 2016

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End of the Hallway Styling

Many people don’t know what to do to decorate at the end of the hallway. It’s too small to put a table or a plant, but it also looks too bare to have nothing. I know I struggled with this. Man, the dilemmas of life. Though probably not original, I found the perfect solution for us. Shelves of family pictures! Here’s a way before, right when we bought the house: I’m so glad that I’m chronicling this progress.  ...

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French Country Dining Room Makeover

I just love it when you finish a project and you’re in love with the result. This dining room makeover was something I was really looking forward to because: A.) We’ve never had a dining room before, so how cool is that? B.) I dreamed endlessly of a farmhouse table, a chandelier, and flowers in the middle. C.) It was my view every time I would sit on my couch and it got a bit tiresome. Thanks to Pinterest, I had a clear vision of  ...

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Dining Room Chair Makeover

It’s amazing what you can do with unconventional materials and some spray paint. I’ve talked about the table, chairs, and matching hutch we bought from the seller of the house and how I was slowly making it all over. Hutch: done Table: in transition Chairs: now done! This project level is easy and anyone could do it. First, here’s the “lovely” chair that is getting a makeover: Before I spray painted all the  ...

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French Script Corner Hutch Makeover-Update

An awesome clearance find at TJ Maxx means I have to do an update of one of my favorite projects. Darn 😉 Do you see it? Do you see the difference? Hint: look at the handles It’s a very small difference but I think it makes a big impact. Makes it a little more…luxurious. For 75 cents a door handle you really can’t go wrong!   Oh, and did you catch my new friend near the bottom? That gorgeous gold teapot? When I showed  ...

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French Script Corner Hutch Makeover

This was such a fun, easy, and cheap project I almost can’t believe it. I love doing house projects that make so-so things turn into pretty things. Tearing out carpet and pulling out staples is not exactly fun or transforming. When we bought the house the seller offered to sell us this corner hutch and matching chairs and table for a price you couldn’t pass up. I knew it was an outdated set, but I loved how the corner hutch  ...