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May 2016

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2nd Guest Room Makeover

We are very blessed to have not one, but two guest rooms in our house to redo and make pretty for our friends and family to stay the night! Our first guest room we did is a yellow and gray cheery room. This room we lovingly refer to as the beige room. It’s need a better name though. How about…beautiful beige? Neutral simplicity? Hmm… It just occurred to me that maybe I don’t need to actually name my rooms and maybe  ...

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White Washed Fireplace DIY & Mantle Renovation

Now I know why everyone wants to redo their fireplace! I didn’t hate my fireplace before, but I didn’t love it either. When I was at Menards a while ago trying to find some supplies for a current project we were working on, I got sidetracked and found some chalk paint spray paint. I love spray paint and I hear so much about chalk paint, so I picked up a couple bottles with the idea of re-doing my fireplace mantel in mind. And I  ...

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Guest Room Makeover

I call this room the Sunny Delight. Well I didn’t until now, but it’s a good name. We just refer to it as the gray and yellow room. How exciting. I love this room especially because of all the natural light. It has 2 windows and man, that makes all the difference. If/when kids come along I think this might be the nursery room. All the natural light makes it feel cheery. But this is what it looked like first: Now I have to do a  ...

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DIY Drop Cloth Loveseat *Update*

My love for drop cloths knows no bounds. Is that how the saying goes? Originally I started off with this floral loveseat. At the time I couldn’t decide if it was ugly or cool. Hm I still don’t know. Then I took a simple drop cloth and draped it over. Tada! I really liked how it looked then and it worked. But I’ve been bit by the decorating bug! I don’t know if it’s the flowers and the sun, but I’ve been  ...