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August 2016


How to Wear a Light Pink Blazer | Light Pink Blazer Outfit Ideas

I looovee blazers and I’m slowly building my collection. I have white, black, gray, and recently pink. When I get something new I immediately think of all the ways I can wear it with stuff I already have in my closet. This blazer can be worn multiple ways, here are 5 ways to wear your light pink blazer: 1. Blazer + Stripes Look french and chic.   2. Blazer + White Simple and polished. 3. Blazer + Gray A whole outfit with items  ...


Things I’m Crushing on | My Latest Obsessions

It’s that time again…for my weekly “crushing on” posts! Let’s see how my tastes have changed from just last week… 😉 1. Greece For someone reason I have recently so wanted to go to Greece. I’ve been seeing pictures of Greece all over the place. Look at those cool buildings, the gorgeous water, all those different shades and tones…αντίο! I’m off to Greece. 2. Inspirational Quotes This is  ...


Can Fashion Glorify God? & Other Thoughts About God and Work

Can you love God and fashion? How can you have a job in something that is deemed “superficial?” Are you loving this world if you love fashion and clothes? Is a talent for fashion a God-given ability or just something you’re good at? Can fashion glorify God? These questions have been swirling around in my mind a lot lately. I’m somebody that clears their thoughts by writing stuff down, so this post is more for me than  ...

Home Chic Home

DIY Kitchen Makeover on a Budget

Whew. This post was a long time coming. After months of here and there projects, the kitchen is at a place where I feel pretty good about it. It’s not my “dream”, but I’m also working on being content with what I have, so I can say there are definitely things I love about my kitchen. 🙂 I was recently talking to someone about how we were fixing up our home because we bought it straight out of the 70’s. They  ...


Fall 2016 Trends

Fall is quickly approaching. Or so it seems. One week the air is on and the next week I go and find some fuzzy socks. I’m sure 90% of that is just living in Iowa…but one can dream, right? 🙂 It’s always interesting to see how the styles change from year to year. The fall trends last year were all about plaid, fur, thigh high boots, leggings, and fringe. I still stand by what I posted last year that “Fashion is what  ...


Things I’m Crushing On | My Latest Obsessions

I’m the type of person that goes through phases. I tend to love a lot of things for a short amount of time and then move on to something new. Hey, it keeps life exciting! Currently, there’s lots of stuff I could be doing right now: read chapter 8 of Professional Selling, put the dishes away, and catch up on Bachelor in Paradise. Instead, I’m going to write a blog post 😉 Because I’m also the type of person that  ...