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December 2016


Trends I’m Okay with Leaving in 2016

With each year comes each new fashion trend. Some are fun, cool, and even inventive…but some are also just weird. While I’m not one that thinks I’m above the trends (I definitely jumped on the OTK boots and off-the-shoulder tops), I try to keep my own personal style throughout it all. Here are some trends I couldn’t get into in 2016 and I’m okay if they don’t make it to 2017: 1. Perspex (in my mind, shoes  ...


8 Ways to Style Sequin Pants

It seems like most of the year goes by pretty slowly then all of a sudden you’re hit-bam bam bam- with Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. Then you’re back to a little lull with an occasional birthday party throw in. Then it happens all over again. I really can’t complain, as I love this time of getting to celebrate with friends and family. Most of your Christmas parties are probably already done (if not, check out this  ...


How to Wear all White in Winter + 3 Examples

As we have had many snow storms in Iowa already, it seems more accurate to say it’s actually winter now. With winter comes many fashion trends…one of them being wearing all white, or, your “winter whites.” There used to be rules about when you could and couldn’t wear white…and those rules don’t apply anymore. If anything, it’s really fashionable to wear white in winter. And don’t just  ...


Wednesday Inspiration with Heinau Blooms

We’ve made it halfway through the week! With all the busyness of the holidays, time seems to be go by pretty quickly and it’s hard to fit everything in. Sometimes it’s good to just take a break and be inspired to keep you going through this busy (yet great) time. Lately I’ve been keeping myself inspired by these blooms from Blooms by Heinau. Heinau is an online flower shop that sells professionally arranged flower  ...


Trends to Wear for the Holiday Parties + 7 Ways to Wear Them

Did you catch my last post about different ways to wear plaid for the holiday season? In this post I’m going to do a quick overview of all the holiday party trends and some ideas on how to wear them. 1. Sequins Yes, I have to start off with a holiday favorite: sparkles!! People will probably tell you to tone it down by wearing it in smaller pieces, but I am all for an all-over sequin outfit. (all photos are via Pinterest) 2. Fur &  ...


6 Ways to Wear Plaid for the Holiday Season

Plaid is pretty much a holiday outfit go-to. It states that Christmas parties are coming! Though I don’t have any plaid in my collection yet, I want to inspire you (and myself!) with 5 different ways you could wear it for all the Christmas and New Years parties coming up. 1. Plaid dress This flirty plaid dress is made warm with a gorgeous fur stole. I love adding a girlier touch to outfits, so this is accesorized with lots of velvet,  ...


Joggers + Heels Outfit

I feel like it’s a big struggle with women deciding between being comfortable and looking nice. I don’t see why this has to be an issue when you can just mix the two! 😉 Joggers are an up and coming trend. More so for men, but they are making their way into the women’s fashion market again as well. Though joggers + heels outfit is not an original outfit idea, it was to me. During all of these past Thanksgiving travels, I  ...


Sleigh the Runway Recap | Iowa Fashion Show | Iowa Fashion Project

When you think of fashion events, you probably think of big cities such as Paris and Milan that throw extravagant fashion weeks. Not Iowa, which is usually thought of as Buckle jeans and farmer boots. But the Iowa Fashion Project is starting to change these misconceptions one show at a time. They continue to step it up after each show, and Sleigh the Runway, the winter themed fashion show, was a huge success as they elevated (ha, see what I  ...


9 Non-Boring Ways to Wear a Graphic Tee

If you’ve been following along with my blog, you know that I’m a lover of the graphic tee. They’re a fun way to add a little punch to your outfit and wardrobe. Though I’ve talked about graphic tees in many of my posts, I felt it deserved it’s own dedicated post 🙂 , especially when you have a tee as cool as this one from I Love Apparel! I Love Apparel is a ginormous website with tons of cool tees that range from  ...