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February 2017


6 Spring Trends + How to Wear Them

As the snow is starting to melt and the days are getting just a little big longer, we can practically smell spring right around the corner. Or if you’re in Iowa then the snow will melt, but we’ll just get more 😉 Anyways… with a new season comes new styles and these are the top 6 trends you’ll be seeing this spring and some tips on how to wear them: Next week you’ll see a blog post about basic spring items to add to  ...


NYFW Day 2 | Trip to New York

If you missed day 1, check it out here! Day 2 Day 2 started off with a blizzard! I don’t know if I didn’t check the weather well enough or if it just popped out of nowhere…but either way I was not packed well enough for this. We started the morning getting bagels and coffee at Murray’s bagels. For my first show I was going to wear a jumpsuit under my coat and heels, though first I had to wear sneakers around town and  ...


Black Fringe Dress Outfit

I love discovering new boutiques because those speciality shops always carry something unique that you can’t get many other places. That’s how I feel about this new fringe dress I got from Wysona C! It’s black(my fav), but also has a 40’s vintage classy feel that I really like.   I think this dress looks best styled classically, so I wore classic pumps, vintage diamond earrings, and a colored lip.   This dress would  ...


NYFW Day 1 | Trip to New York

As I am starting to recap my recent trip to New York for New York Fashion week, I still can’t quite believe I had the opportunity to go just months after starting my blog/instagram!  Along with the shows we decided to make a fun trip out of it as well, and it was so nice that my husband, Titus, got to come along with me. From navigating public transportation to keeping us on time and taking my photos, he was truly invaluable and I  ...


Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas for Every Occassion

Isn’t Valentine’s Day just grand? Maybe the guys don’t think so…;) But you get a whole day dedicated to showing your boyfriend/husband how much you love them (and vice versa)! Whether you’re the couple that takes trips, stays in with pizza, or goes out to dinner, there’s something for everyone and an outfit too! Here are some ideas to inspire you what to wear next week: Dinner: This is your chance to get  ...


4 No Fail Airport Outfit Combos

Some people may think of “tired”, “gross”, and “stressful” when they think of airports…I always think of excitement. Because if I’m in an airport that means I’m going somewhere! When I was planning my trip to Paris, Barcelona, and Rome, I was talking to a friend about what I would wear to the airport. She asked, “Why can’t you just wear what you’re wearing now?” I  ...