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April 2017


6 Ideas on how to Wear White Jeans in Spring

White jeans are a staple and they’re so great because they work year round, but they especially look great in spring! There’s just something about white and pastels during this spring season that makes everything seem more cheerful! Have you been breaking your white jeans out? If not, here are 6 ideas to get you started! 1 . white jeans + striped shirt + blush blazer This is one of my favorite combos lately. I just can’t  ...


Can You Wear Boots in Spring?

If you saw my post about what to pack away for spring, I mentioned that when styled correctly boots can work for spring. I decided to take it a step further this week and give you some practical tips + ideas on how to do that…especially if you love your booties and aren’t ready to pack them away quite yet! So short answer… YES! Yes, you can wear your boots for spring and here’s how: 1. boots + striped skirt + gray tee  ...


Trip to Chicago

A couple months ago my cousin, Maddie, texted me and asked if I wanted to go on a surprise trip with her in March. Yes please! The trip ended up being a trip to Chicago and it was so much fun! Maddie was just the sweetest and planned this whole trip and found so many great things to do! TUESDAY This trip was a couple weeks ago and we went to Chicago on a Tuesday. We did your typical road trip things and jammed out to music and gabbed the  ...


6 Items to Pack Away for Spring + What to Replace it With

I was staring at my closet the other day wondering when it’s a good time to get my spring bin out of the basement. If you’re like me, you pack the off season items away to make room for things in your closet and keep alternating.  Some people don’t pack anything away and find new ways to re wear their things…that’s cool and I’d do that if my closet had the space, but instead I have to decide what to keep  ...