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November 2017


DIY Feather Fringe Skirt | Holiday Fashion

If there’s any time to pull off a feather fringe skirt, it’s now. This do-it-yourself craft is the perfect thing to make to get your closet festive and ready for the holidays! What You’ll Need: -One skirt -Feathers* -Fabric glue -Pins (opt) *how much you need will vary on the size of your skirt. I got 7 yards for my skirt and that covers front and back. Step 1 Starting at the bottom of the skirt, apply glue to the top of  ...


Fall Fashion with Shopko | Part 2

Did you catch my first post on some fall pieces I picked up with Shopko? I’m excited to bring you one more post highlighting a couple other goodies! I’ve combined a couple items into one photo this time, because when two things just look so good together, how can you not? #1. Gray off-the-shoulder knit sweater & faux fur blanket This is a cute sweater for most occasions, but I think I’d wear it the most for date nights  ...


PREGNANT | 13 weeks

Where to begin. I guess a good place to start is to announce that we’re expecting a new addition to our family May 2018! And by addition I mean baby. We’re expecting a baby! (; It’s been a whirlwind of emotions, but using this blog as my pregnancy journal has been really nice to remember it all. Moving forward I want to do weekly updates, but for now I’m going to do a quick 4-13 week update! How I found out: I  ...

Home Chic Home

Shiplap Split Level Entryway

I did not put in shiplap because it’s what’s popular. I repeat: I did not put in shiplap because it’s what’s popular 😉 With Fixer Upper farmhouse style continually on the rise (anyone check out Joanna Gaines’ new Target line yet?), I can pretty much sum up a Fixer Upper episode into taking down a wall, adding hardwood floors, installing beams, and putting shiplap somewhere. I’m a fan of the rustic style,  ...

Home Chic Home

Coffee Cart Reveal

I was really excited to get my coffee cart up and running because my current coffee situation was taking up most of my countertop space and it was looking very messy! It took a while to find the right cart because I had pretty specific dimensions I was working with. I wasn’t able to find the “perfect” one, so I decided on a bamboo cart with the right dimensions that I could customize to fit my own style. Before I could get  ...