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21 weeks

I plan on combining posts from here on out because I’m realizing 40 posts is a lot haha, but also I mainly feel like I’ve hit the major milestones (announcing, finding out gender, feeling baby move, etc) and it’s waiting now. This is just fabulous because I’m wonderful at waiting (sarcasm anyone?)! Pregnancy is a blessing at any stage, but I’m kinda hoping time will speed up (while my mom hopes it slows down). Anyways, thanks for reading my ramblings and sticking along with me!

Baby is the size of a: spaghetti squash

22 weeks

Miss anything: Some of my pre-pregnancy fashion…a lot of the things I used to wear don’t look right anymore.

Food cravings: I finished my last Christmas celebration and now I have no excuse to get back on track with eating right. I seem to always be craving sweet things or eating out, but my goal is just to have self-control and not get fat.

Food aversion: Nothing

Mood: Up and down

Sleep: Hip pain. Having to pee. Insomnia. Heartburn. Let’s just say I alternate between good and bad nights.

Sickness: Not sure if this is sickness or body pain…but heartburn. Ugh. Never having heartburn before, I had no idea what was going on with me when I first felt it. I just remember telling T that my insides felt like they were on fire…I hope this symptom goes away soon.

Body changes: Just the norm

21 weeks

Body pain: Curious how the last trimester is going to go for me since I’m already starting to find it difficult to bend, sit up, etc haha

Milestones: I feel baby move regularly now and I’ve been able to catch some of it on video. This is probably my favorite part of pregnancy!

Looking forward to: Is it too soon to say spring? I’m already over winter.

Worst moments: The not so glamorous sides of pregnancy.

Best moments: Hmm…

Titus’ thoughts: “I’ve decided that he likes Carolyn better because he’ll stop kicking whenever I try to feel it, but that’s okay…I’m working through it ;)”

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  1. Renee

    January 13, 2018 at 11:48 am

    I appreciate how real your post is. Yeah, there are definitely a lot of hard parts of pregnancy that some moms (not all) go through. Heartburn is no joke, ugh it can be bad. Have you tried Ranitidine and tums? The insomnia… yeah. What’s even more sad is once baby comes, you’ll look back at this period of insomnia and think “I used to get 2+ hours of sleep in a row, life used to be so good!” 😦.
    How fun you get to see baby moving, it is so fun and really connects you. Hang in there, you’re over halfway there! And I totally feel you about being over winter, I need me some spring!

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