We are very blessed to have not one, but two guest rooms in our house to redo and make pretty for our friends and family to stay the night! Our first guest room we did is a yellow and gray cheery room. This room we lovingly refer to as the beige room. It’s need a better name though. How about…beautiful beige? Neutral simplicity? Hmm…

It just occurred to me that maybe I don’t need to actually name my rooms and maybe just crazy people do that….

Anyways, I only have one “before”, but it’s all you need.

guest room makeover

Wow! Look at that carpet! What is it with the 70’s and wildly…..creative carpet?

Bye bye carpet and hello beautiful beige room!

guest room makeoverguest room makeoverguest room makeoverguest room makeoverguest room makeover

Oh, side story about this mirror. Winston is NOT allowed in this room (or any room) because every time he sees himself in this mirror he scares himself and pees. It’s kinda funny, kinda cute, kinda dumb. You’d think after the first time you’d understand it was yourself!

Well now we close all the doors to every room and are very strict about our puppy’s whereabouts. Just practicing for kids, ya know?


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  1. messerly218

    June 2, 2016 at 9:09 pm

    Wow that room looks good! I love the artwork/hangings to the side of the window. Lol I don’t think you’re the only one who names rooms. And even though I don’t like dogs, the story about Winston is really funny!

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