Crops tops are everywhere this season, and I don’t think they will be going anywhere soon. Even though they’re meant for summer, I bet you’ll be seeing them around in the fall. With all the different styles around, how do you know which one looks good on you and how do you know how to style it?

In this blog post I’m going to show you how to make some easy crop tops. Because, really, you’re paying double the price for half the clothing.

Surprisingly though, they’re actually super easy to make and the options are endless! But first, which one should you wear for your body type? Good news is that anyone can rock a crop top.

A crop top, when done right, looks very posh. Your goal is to show just a tiny sliver of skin. Your best friend is BALANCE! Wearing a short crop top? Your bottoms should be high waisted. Wearing a long crop top? You can get away with hip hugging shorts.

For Your Body Type…
Tall/Athletic- These girls can pretty much get away with anything, but if you’re looking to add the illusion of curves, pair your midriff top with a flouncy skirt that will fill you out.

how to wear a crop top

Curvy: You curvy ladies have to be more careful, because showing more skin on you can look downright scandalous! Your trick: a crop top that hits right under your ribs, paired with a skirt that hits right below your knees. This will show a little sliver of skin but still look classy. If you’re worried about fabric clinging to you, look for structured pieces that graze.

how to wear a crop top

Petite: Make yourself look taller by wearing the same print top to bottom. To not look too overwhelmed, make sure your top is form fitting.

how to wear a crop top

Pear-shaped: This body type is more about color than actual style. If you are smaller on top and wider on bottom, wear a light color on top, such as white, and a dark color on bottom to ground you. Some high-waisted jeans would look great on you.

how to wear a crop top

Most important thing to remember is that it doesn’t matter what body type you have, but how you wear it. Still unsure? Always remember that less is more and try to always cover your belly button.

Now here are 3 easy DIY crop tops that ANYONE can do!

1. The Rockster Top
easy diy crop top

This crop top is made best if you use a comfy, old graphic tee. Here I used this very faded, but very comfortable “Chicago” tee I got many years ago. The second picture got cut off a little, but all you do is cut off the neckline and armholes. The pictures are pretty much all the instructions you need.

This is how I styled mine:

You can make it as short or long as you want simply by cutting off more of the bottom. To match the relaxed, rockster vibe, pair it with layers of necklaces, high- waisted jeans, and some cool sneakers.

easy diy crop topeasy diy crop topeasy diy crop top

2.. The Strappy Summer Top

easy diy crop top

This top is one of my very favorites. I love thin straps and I love how comfortable it is. This top is best made if you use a very relaxed material. You want the shirt to drape and hang loose in all the right places.

Be mindful of what bra you are wearing underneath this top too. The more you cut off the sleeves, the bigger the armholes will be. I recommend matching the color of your bra to the top. And whatever you do, do not bend down (in public at least)!

If you pick the right material this shirt almost resembles a silk top. It is so comfy and I promise you’ll want to wear it everywhere. I made two tops with these instructions to show you they can be dressy and casual.

Something to keep in mind: how much you cut off the armholes is how much it will be open on the sides. Do not cut a lot! Also, the more you cut off the neckline the lower it will be.

This is how I styled mine:  (Dressy Version)

easy diy crop top easy diy crop topeasy diy crop top

easy diy crop top easy diy crop top


This outfit is the kind of thing you’d throw on an early Saturday morning and everyone would be asking you how you look so effortlessly stylish. Pair this outfit with flats and a statement bag for a nice pop. Don’t forget your minimal accessories either, such as sunglasses or this very dainty gold bar necklace I’m wearing.

easy diy crop top

please no photos

easy diy crop topeasy diy crop topeasy diy crop top

3. Crop top from Leggings

This next idea is going to blow.your.mind. I wish I could say I thought of it, but sadly I can’t. I found this idea while browsing on Pinterest. Take any pair of leggings you have that you would like to be worn into a shirt. Let’s be real, I know you have a couple of pairs with the dreaded hole in the crotch (I know I do). This is the perfect solution for the leggings you were going to throw away anyways!

easy diy crop top

Fold the leggings together, cut off the crotch, and BAM!

This is how I styled mine:

easy diy crop top easy diy crop top easy diy crop top easy diy crop top

Isn’t that amazing??

This post is jam packed with info, but hopefully you learned what crop top to wear for your body (it’s not really what crop top you wear, but how), some easy ways to make a crop top, and how to wear those!

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  1. Natalie Morell

    August 3, 2015 at 12:42 pm

    I learned a lot– like making sure the crop top goes to my rib cage and to never show the belly button. Love the strappy summer top. “Please, no photos” 😛 You look fabulous in the leggings one! I tried it with tights and… well.. let’s just say don’t use your old tights you got when you were 7 years old.. Not sure how I got them on but they definitely weren’t coming off without some scissors.

    1. spoonfulofsparkles

      August 3, 2015 at 1:48 pm

      LOL LOL LOL….all I can say is LOL!!!

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