In honor of Christmas being just 4 days away (what??), I’ve put together 4 low-key Christmas outfit ideas. You might have already seen my holiday outfit guide featuring lots of looks that are fancy and glitzy (if not, tuck it away for the future!), but this post is for the more low-key person that wants some ideas on simpler outfits to wear or has a more casual event to go to.

1. cable knit sweater + blanket scarf + skinny jeans + boots
Wear a festive colored sweater to make this a combo you’ve seen a lot to something fresh and new.
christmas outfit ideas
2. black skinny jeans + quilted vest + plaid top + booties + accessories
Accessories like a beanie and watch take this outfit up a notch, but still keep it very cute and simple.

christmas outfit ideas

3. t-shirt dress + chunky cardigan + blanket scarf + red boots
A t-shirt dress is so comfy and easy to wear. You can dress up even the simplest one with a chunky cardigan to add texture and bright boots for interest.

christmas outfit ideas

4. turtleneck + leggings + poncho + boots
Everyone thinks you’re trying to be stylish, but really you’re just wrapping yourself up in layers. Win win though because you’re being stylish too!

christmas outfit ideas

The key to pulling off a simple Christmas look is to look for soft fabrics and cozy textures, but don’t forget to add some festivity with patterns like plaid and a Christmas color too!

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  1. Renee

    December 21, 2017 at 8:54 am

    I love all of these ideas. The fancy holiday ones were super cute as well but let’s be real… in my stage of life I’m might not make it to a nice party this year #toddlerathome. I’m loving that print of the first scarf and the red plaid button up.

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