As the snow is starting to melt and the days are getting just a little big longer, we can practically smell spring right around the corner. Or if you’re in Iowa then the snow will melt, but we’ll just get more 😉 Anyways… with a new season comes new styles and these are the top 6 trends you’ll be seeing this spring and some tips on how to wear them:

Next week you’ll see a blog post about basic spring items to add to your wardrobe, but here’s a heads up on the spring trends!

1. Statement Sleeves
Whether it’s a bell sleeve or just a “wow, that’s really unique” type of sleeve, don’t expect your sleeves to look normal anymore! Style Tip: Accessorize by wearing some statement earrings. Not only are you knocking down two awesome trends (#6), but wearing big earrings on top will balance out the sleeves.

spring pieces

2. Athleisure
Athleisure will be going to a whole new level this spring. It’s not just a basic outfit that you’ll wear to the gym or go get groceries with, but one you’ll wear when you want to be comfortable and also dressier.

spring pieces

3. Stripes
Stripes are hardly a new trend, but expect to see big, bold, and beautiful colorful stripes this season. Style Tip: You could go two ways with this outfit: keep everything subdued and just let the stripes shine, or play into all that color! Fashion should be fun after all.

spring pieces


4. Inventive Button Down
Your work button down is no longer boring. Designers are outdoing themselves with all the unique ways you can redo this shirt! Style Tip: Find the most unique button down and pair it with a good pair of solid jeans.

spring pieces


5.  Statement earrings
Dainty, minimalistic jewelry had its place for a little bit, but “in your face” earrings are definitely taking over. Style Tip: Keep everything else toned down to really show off your earrings.

spring pieces


6. Statement Tees
Whether you just like repping your favorite band, or you have a message you really want to promote, statement tees can do all that and more. Style Tip: To make this casual tee a little dressier, pair it with unexpected pieces such as a skirt or statement necklace.

spring pieces


What trend are you going to add to your closet this spring?

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