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Slip Dress Outfit Ideas

The slip dress is a trend that is both loved and hated. Some people think it looks like a nightgown, and I agree, if you get one that is too short (make sure you get a longer one!). I, however, like this trend because it’s versatile (you can be dressy or casual), it’s great for layering, and a silk/satin dress is a fun new texture I haven’t had yet in my wardrobe. My dress was a cheaper one from Amazon that I don’t  ...

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DIY Wood Sign Kitchen | Split Home

In my last post you might recall me talking about the big whole in the wall above the kitchen sink I wanted to cover. I envisioned some sort of wood sign with a french theme. I found a surprisingly easy way to do that without spending any money and having it turn out semi-decent! I’m not good at hand lettering so I knew whatever I did would have to have some sort of stencil. This tutorial I found online is what inspired me to try it on  ...


5 Tips to Plan a Great Day Trip | Summer Planning

Even though it’s not officially summer yet (June 20), it sure feels like it! For me, a great way to get the most out of the summer is to do things and explore new places. Lately I’ve been going on a lot of day trips to places around Iowa + Wisconsin and it’s been a blast! Day trips are such a great way to have a mini adventure without blocking off a lot of time, spending a lot of money, or having to spend months planning.  ...

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DIY Black and White Striped Kitchen Window Awning from Drop Cloth | French Style

As we started to tear down our kitchen wall and make it more open, I knew I had to make the kitchen flow with the rest of the neutral house. Even though my kitchen looked very much red and yellow, it was an easy fix. The biggest things that didn’t flow were the yellow wall and the red touches. Paint wall? Check! Red touches? In progress! The first thing I started with was replacing this red buffalo check country style kitchen into more  ...

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DIY Split Level Wall Renovation

I know I said the stairs were the most complex project yet, but now it is for sure this wall! In our split level home, we have a wall between our kitchen and living room. It wasn’t the most annoying thing, as it provided a nice coffee nook in the kitchen and a nice entryway point in the living room, but it was small enough that it seemed to just get in the way, and we started to entertain the idea on taking out the wall and opening it  ...


8 Ways to Wear a Denim Skirt | Spring Fashion Outfit Ideas

Even though leggings exploded and you definitely saw people wear a lot less pants…denim will never go out of style and designers are always reinventing new ways to wear them. This spring, a denim skirt is such a cute piece to wear! It’s extremely versatile and oh so cute for this season. I have two denim skirts that I reinvented from thrift store finds that I’m just obsessed over. I’ll be wearing both of these in this  ...

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Living Room Update | Split Level Home

I tend to go through phases a lot… and when spring hits, the urge to do house projects hits as well! We’ve lived in our house for about 1 year 1/2 and it’s very encouraging when other people tell me you’ll always be doing house projects. I know this sounds like something that would be very depressing, but to me it’s encouraging, because it reminds me I don’t have to race against time to get things the way  ...


Denim Jacket 5 Ways

I admit my “maximizing your outfit” posts have been lacking. When the weather is cold and your husband works overtime, it seems that getting photos of outfits has slipped to the bottom of the task pile. But these past couple of weeks I’m getting back into it and a change in the weather has made a change in my attitude! Because it’s reallyyy hard to get yourself motivated to go outside and take numerous photos when  ...


6 Ideas on how to Wear White Jeans in Spring

White jeans are a staple and they’re so great because they work year round, but they especially look great in spring! There’s just something about white and pastels during this spring season that makes everything seem more cheerful! Have you been breaking your white jeans out? If not, here are 6 ideas to get you started! 1 . white jeans + striped shirt + blush blazer This is one of my favorite combos lately. I just can’t  ...