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5 Fall Must-Haves | Fall Fashion

Fall is hands down my favorite season! I love the smells, the drinks, and the oh so cozy fall fashion. Last year I did a big guide of fall outfits, and while there are always trends that come and go, I’ve found over the years that there are always the same fall staples and must haves!   1. Utility Jacket This is a classic piece that you can throw on with most outfits to give it that fall edge (and warmth)! A go-to way to wear this  ...


How to Wear Your Favorite Summer Pieces into Fall | Fall Transition Outfits

If you’ve been cleaning out your closet to make room for all of your fall clothes, don’t pack everything away just yet! It’s such a nice thing when you can carry your favorite summer pieces over into fall. Keep scrolling to see how you can do that: 1. Denim Shorts What says summer more than the classic denim short? But yes, it can work for fall. Don’t worry about bare legs in the cooler temps- just add some tights!  ...


What to do When You Hit a Creative Slump | How to Get Inspired Again

Being a creative can be both a blessing and a curse. At times it’s a blessing because as a dreamer and a doer, you find inspiration in all the little things around you and a deep satisfaction in accomplishing your goals. It’s a curse because creative people are emotional (or so I’ve been told :P) and because creative people are emotional, they feel things deeper and stronger. Being uninspired can affect your job, your mood,  ...


Upcoming Fall Trends 2017 | Fall Fashion

A quick scroll through my Instagram and it’s pretty clear you have two options: jump on the fall fashion train or be left in all the fashion blogger’s dust. Even though everyone has gone back to school (if you’re still in that stage), it’s still not technically fall yet. But after thinking about this post, I started getting excited about some new styles to wear this fall and I thought I’d share them with you!  ...


Summer Outfit Inspo

Even though it’s been feeling like fall the past couple of days, we still have over a month until summer officially ends and I’m not ready to give up my summer clothes yet! If you’re like me, take a look at some of my favorite summer outfit ideas to get you inspired to keep going strong! ๐Ÿ˜‰   1.ย Nothing screams summer more than an all white look with a straw hat! Finish it off with pretty gold details. 2.ย Denim skirts  ...


Slip Dress Outfit Ideas

The slip dress is a trend that is both loved and hated. Some people think it looks like a nightgown, and I agree, if you get one that is too short (make sure you get a longer one!). I, however, like this trend because it’s versatile (you can be dressy or casual), it’s great for layering, and a silk/satin dress is a fun new texture I haven’t had yet in my wardrobe. My dress was a cheaper one from Amazon that I don’t  ...

Home Chic Home

DIY Wood Sign Kitchen | Split Home

In my last post you might recall me talking about the big whole in the wall above the kitchen sink I wanted to cover. I envisioned some sort of wood sign with a french theme. I found a surprisingly easy way to do that without spending any money and having it turn out semi-decent! I’m not good at hand lettering so I knew whatever I did would have to have some sort of stencil. This tutorial I found online is what inspired me to try it on  ...


5 Tips to Plan a Great Day Trip | Summer Planning

Even though it’s not officially summer yet (June 20), it sure feels like it! For me, a great way to get the most out of the summer is to do things and explore new places. Lately I’ve been going on a lot of day trips to places around Iowa + Wisconsin and it’s been a blast! Day trips are such a great way to have a mini adventure without blocking off a lot of time, spending a lot of money, or having to spend months planning.  ...

Home Chic Home

DIY Black and White Striped Kitchen Window Awning from Drop Cloth | French Style

As we started to tear downย our kitchen wall and make it more open, I knew I had to make the kitchen flow with the rest of the neutral house. Even though my kitchen looked very much red and yellow, it was an easy fix. The biggest things that didn’t flow were the yellow wall and the red touches. Paint wall? Check! Red touches? In progress! The first thing I started with was replacing thisย red buffalo check country style kitchen into more  ...