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Will God Make My Dreams Come True?

Dreams have been on my mind a lot lately. Not the kind you have during sleeping…but the kind that keep you from sleeping. The kind that make you stay up all night imagining what you could be, what you could do, and what you could accomplish. The ones that make your heart beat faster. The ones that you see other people accomplishing and you think, “That’s it. That’s what I want my life to look like.” The dream of  ...


Can Fashion Glorify God? & Other Thoughts About God and Work

Can you love God and fashion? How can you have a job in something that is deemed “superficial?” Are you loving this world if you love fashion and clothes? Is a talent for fashion a God-given ability or just something you’re good at? Can fashion glorify God? These questions have been swirling around in my mind a lot lately. I’m somebody that clears their thoughts by writing stuff down, so this post is more for me than  ...