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How to Make Your Outfit Pop with Accessories

Accessories can make or break an outfit. Sometimes the hard part is knowing when to wear what and what to wear it with. I’m going to show you how I would accessorize a tassel necklace, a metallic cuff, and a sparkly choker. These accessories are not just trends, but also staples from Amrita Singh.  You could just get lost on their website because everything is soo gorgeous. 1.  black shirt + black jeans + black boots + choker So by now  ...

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3 Unexpected Fashion Combos That Work

I love mixing things together that you wouldn’t normally expect. I’m a photographer by day (along with wife, student, blogger, and more) and I like to dream up new things you wouldn’t see everyday. Ideas range from fancy dresses in a forest to glamorous props on a not so glamorous outfit. It’s the unexpected things that make you stand out. Same goes for fashion. I put together and modeled 3 unexpected combos that  ...

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How to Style a Céline Shirt | Céline Shirt Outfit Ideas

After my first post earlier today introducing what this blog is here for, I decided it’s time to have an official fashion post! I’ve seen this shirt online before and really wanted one of my own! It’s French, says the word Paris, and is my idea of a graphic tee. There are tons of spoofs of this shirt, including the Célfie one, but I prefer the original.  Here are 6 ways to style the Céline t shirt with simple things from  ...