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18 Weeks | Pregnancy Update

Catch up on weeks 13, 14, 15, 16, & 17 Baby is the size of a: Sweet potato (just have to say there are a gazillion different sizes of sweet potatoes and if you stare long enough, a sweet potato is actually quite disgusting to look at #badcomparison) Miss anything: Nothing Food cravings: Chick-fil-A was pretty strong this week Food aversion: Nothing Mood: Happy and no out of the norm mood swings. The other day Titus said, “Good  ...


DIY Indoor Photography Studio Backdrop

Whether you’re a photographer that wants the option of taking photos at home or a blogger that needs an alternative location when the cold weather hits, creating an indoor backdrop is going to be a great solution to your needs. I fall in the blogger category and though outdoor is my #1 choice for taking photos, sometimes there are too many photos to take and it is way too cold outside. Enter indoor photo studio. It’s quick, easy,  ...


17 Weeks | Pregnancy Update

Catch up on weeks 13, 14, 15, & 16   Baby is the size of a: turnip Miss anything: Nothing Food cravings: Pickle rolls. Cheesecake. Sweet things. I’m blessed to have a husband that will get me anything I mention I want, but at the same time cursed. One of us needs to have some self-control. Not helping the waistline ha. Food aversion: Nothing Mood: Up and down Sleep: Pretty normal again. Though even if I get a decent 8 hours I still  ...

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25 Gift Ideas for the Fashion Lover Under $25 | Holiday Gift Guide

No offense to husbands or dads, but sometimes it’s just way more fun to shop for that girly girl in your life than it is to buy someone work socks or tools. Whether it’s your sister, cousin, neice, or friend that just loves all things fashion (and beauty), there’s sure to be something for everyone on this list to inspire you to finish (or start!) your Christmas shopping this year. 1. Beret Berets are a winter chic  ...


16 Weeks | Pregnancy Update

Catch up on weeks 13, 14, & 15   Baby is the size of a(n): avocado Miss anything: Nothing Food cravings: Cold fresh fruit and whatever I see a picture of! Whenever I see a photo of pizza my mouth will salivate and I’ll want pizza. I haven’t had anything that sticks with me super long, I just want to eat and 100% of the time I want to eat out. I’ll see a picture of a salad and automatically I want Olive Garden salad.  ...


15 Weeks | Pregnancy Update

Catch up on weeks 13 & 14 Baby is the size of a: navel orange Miss anything: Nothing this week Food cravings: The first part of the week I ate pretty healthy…lots of salads and apples. I felt better mentally, but it wasn’t nearly as satisfying. But then Thanksgiving hit and I wasn’t specifically craving anything, I just wanted to eat it all! Also, I’ve been loovvvinggg peppermint mocha creamer. Too bad we can only  ...


14 Weeks | Pregnancy Update

Check out the announcement and first 13 weeks if you’re new here! 14 weeks…into my second trimester…and my pregnancy seems a lot more real now. Though I literally have nothing and haven’t done anything for baby. When are you to supposed paint, decorate, shop, and do all that other baby stuff everyone talks about?? #askingforafriend Well, I have taken lots of photos…that’s gonna help right?? 😉 Baby is the  ...


PREGNANT | 13 weeks

Where to begin. I guess a good place to start is to announce that we’re expecting a new addition to our family May 2018! And by addition I mean baby. We’re expecting a baby! (; It’s been a whirlwind of emotions, but using this blog as my pregnancy journal has been really nice to remember it all. Moving forward I want to do weekly updates, but for now I’m going to do a quick 4-13 week update! How I found out: I  ...


What to do When You Hit a Creative Slump | How to Get Inspired Again

Being a creative can be both a blessing and a curse. At times it’s a blessing because as a dreamer and a doer, you find inspiration in all the little things around you and a deep satisfaction in accomplishing your goals. It’s a curse because creative people are emotional (or so I’ve been told :P) and because creative people are emotional, they feel things deeper and stronger. Being uninspired can affect your job, your mood,  ...


5 Tips to Plan a Great Day Trip | Summer Planning

Even though it’s not officially summer yet (June 20), it sure feels like it! For me, a great way to get the most out of the summer is to do things and explore new places. Lately I’ve been going on a lot of day trips to places around Iowa + Wisconsin and it’s been a blast! Day trips are such a great way to have a mini adventure without blocking off a lot of time, spending a lot of money, or having to spend months planning.  ...