Sometimes it only makes sense to have your bed in one position in your room. That’s what happened to me and of course it had to be the most challenging way! The bed looked best in the corner of the room angled, but the problem was that I didn’t have a headboard. I tried sleeping one night without one and my pillows kept falling off the back of the bed. I thought that would happen, but hey, I was being optimistic.

I decided I needed a headboard and I was only going to get one by finding something that would work around the house. We had some pallets in the garage that I debated seeing what I could come up with, but then I found these old but really cool looking closet doors in the basement and I had an idea!

diy headboard from closet doors

I always forget to take pictures before I start projects, but hey I always remember eventually!

TV shows are always important when painting.

diy headboard from closet doors

Ta da! I painted them the color of the trim to make it pop. I love the way they look and round out the room. Yes, that is a chocolate brown bedroom too…I love it!

I’ve debated hanging stuff on the shutters, like pictures with clothespins.

The master bedroom is a work in process and I love the way it’s shaping up so far.

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  1. Renee

    November 14, 2015 at 10:29 pm

    WOW that looks good! I thought it was a magazine inspiration photo, but that’s your bedroom! Great work!

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