About a year ago I found this second hand floral loveseat. It was one of those that you look at and you think “Is this really cool or really ugly?” At that moment I decided ugly and walked away. It sounds funny, but I couldn’t stop thinking about the love seat and I went back first thing in the morning to get it.

It worked in my apartment but I couldn’t find a way to make this floral loveseat fit in with my other style. It was the wrong color that didn’t go with anything. I thought about painting it for a while, but decided against that. I thought about buying a loveseat cover…but the good ones are really expensive and not always worth it in my opinion. I thought about reupholstering it but that is way above my DIY craft level and I knew I would end up ruining it.

My mother and I were at Menard’s brainstorming creative ways to make a rug, because those are so expensive too! She had this idea of using a drop cloth which I was not too sure of but thought it wouldn’t hurt to try it out. I wasn’t totally in love with the way it looked on the floor, but I threw it on the loveseat and thought “Wait…how would this work as the cover?!”

And then the perfect loveseat cover happened.

diy drop cloth cover for a loveseatdiy drop cloth cover for a loveseat

It fit the drapey style of Country French, it’s thick enough where it doesn’t fall off all the time, and it preserves whats underneath. Plus, if you had kids you could always just throw it in the wash if it got too dirty. It also fit pictures of my couch inspiration, too. Win win!





The drop cloth is $30 and HUGE. I cut half of the material off to use as curtains later on (Okay, I didn’t, but my mom did). So that’s pretty much a $15 loveseat cover. I did a practice of what it would look like fitted instead of drapey, but I prefer the drapey look better. The loveseat is small and on the big wall with windows where it’s at it looked a little funny fitted.

diy drop cloth cover for a loveseat

I love the neutral color with my already busy living room and how it’s just so easy and cool looking! It’s like a whole new loveseat.

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