Who’s ready for brisk walks
and apple cider?

*raises hand*

Saturday morning is a perfect time to sleep in get up early, drink coffee and tea, and have a nice quiet morning to yourself crafting and watching Friends. I love decorating and fall. So you can imagine decorating for fall was a blast! Here’s what I did:

fall decorations

I have a parisian-meets-cozy-meets-elegant-meets-romantic style…this is my favorite wall in my apartment because the chair is a tufted velour high back with Paris details and of course a sparkly pumpkin.

fall decorations fall decorations
You have to have a sparkly pumpkin.
Pumpkin-Hobby Lobby

fall decorations fall decorations
Here I cut an “A” out of cardboard (for my last name) and hot glued cut up pieces of fake flowers onto it.

fall decorations

A fake leaf tied around a candle with twine.
Candle & leaves- Hobby Lobby

fall decorations

A glass container of pinecones and sparkly acorns
Acorn&pinecone mix- Hobby Lobby

fall decorations
This wall is also becoming my new favorite to look at. I replaced all the picture frames with printables, pictures, ripped out book pages, and pretty gift bags.
fall decorationsfall decorations

fall decorationsfall decorations

I love this new wooden bowl! All this stuff was on sale at Hobby Lobby. I love the bowl because it is a great centerpiece on my coffee table for any season and time, but looks so rustic and pretty for fall&winter.
fall decorations  fall decorations
I am definitely not that kind of person that is good at chalk art. I tried to use a chalk marker once but it almost didn’t come off…I must be doing it wrong. However, I’m not a perfectionist so it works well for me 😉

Oh, I love love candles. I used to get all my candles at Walmart until I had a taste of a discounted Yankee Candle I found at Burlington Coat Factory. Sure, it was more expensive than a generic brand, but it smelled so good, so soon, and so long. Now whenever I go to Burlington or TjMaxx I stock up 🙂

fall decorations

Entryway table with last name block letters and garlands, pumpkins, and gourds.
Garland&Pumpkins- Dollar Tree

fall decorations

This centerpiece for my kitchen table is probably the most “homemade” out of the bunch. I went on a walk around a lake and saw dead grass everywhere and was instantly inspired by all the “bouquet” possibilites. I went around and pulled sticks and such that I thought looked appealing. In my eyes, I had a very looking good bouquet. One middle aged man with his kids asked what I was doing with all of the dead grass. I replied that I was going to throw a bouquet together for fall.

“I’m sure it will all look good when it’s all done,” He said.

Hu? It looks great now!!!

Men… 🙂

I collected the pinecones from around my apartment building and baked them in the oven with cinnamon to kill the bugs and hey, smell good. Did you know you should bake your pinecones and acorns before you bring them in?? I didn’t either until I read it last minute and let me just say I am so glad I did because you can see all the dead bugs at the end, and uh, gross -_-

I don’t want to know what I could have had crawling around!

(Sorry to put in a mental picture)

flowers by the windowsill
flowers by the windowsill

I used to have a full windowsill of succulents but they are all dying now. It doesn’t help that I know nothing about growing them and got them on clearance. But hey, my rosemary and lavender are shooting up!

I can’t wait to make more stuff (I think I’m addicted) and start to dress for the season!

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  1. Natalie Morell

    September 12, 2015 at 10:10 pm

    LOVE all the decorations!! You have inspired me to start decorating for fall.
    “Whenever I go to Burlington.. I stock up.” You must have a looooooot of candles 😉
    Dead bugs = gross.

  2. Renee

    September 12, 2015 at 11:53 pm

    LOVE!! You are so crafty. This looks so cozy, can’t wait to see it in person! Good idea for the cardboard letter and flowers. And thanks for the tips on where to get good candles! I just got a “mulled cider” from wal-mart that smells amazing but it burns up too quickly!

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