A swing/tunic dress is a great staple to have. It’s insanely comfortable, it can be dressed up or down, they’re fun to wear, and depending on how you style it, it can be an all-season dress.

This dress is from Adorn Apparel, a stylish clothing store based in Florida. Those in Florida probably never have to worry about dressing for the cold (lucky!), but those that are less fortunate (;P) have to make their clothes work for even the colder of temps!

While you could throw this dress on in the spring/summer with some sandals and call it good, here are 5 ways for you to wear a tunic dress (or really any warm weather dress) in the colder weather.

First, this dress has a cool back detail:

tunic dress outfit tunic dress outfit

Okay, now on to the outfits.

1.  dress + OTK boots+ tassel necklace + scarf
This dress is a pretty olive color that would look great in fall, but a way to make clothes look more “wintery” is to add black as the accent color, so that’s why in most of these outfits I default to black. Also, black is pretty much all I wear so I’m not sure I know anything else 😉 OTK boots and a scarf make it warmer, and the tassel necklace is a fun pop!

tunic dress outfit tunic dress outfit

2. dress + OTK boots + cardigan + pendant necklace
What better way to warm something up then to throw on a nice cardigan? The longer the better!

tunic dress outfit tunic dress outfit

3. dress + long socks + booties + cardigan + scarf
Just like how a realtor always say “location, location, location,” I’m saying “layers, layers, layers.” Really to make any summer dress work for a colder month is to throw on some layers! Socks, cardigan, scarf, etc.

tunic dress outfit tunic dress outfit

4 . dress + booties + chunky cardigan + pendant necklace
I love super chunky cardigans and this one is perfect for those sleeveless dresses!

tunic dress outfit tunic dress outfit

5 . dress + tights + booties + cardigan + tassel necklace
I know this is the only outfit where I’m actually wearing something fully on my legs, I just had to show off my super pale legs ya know? Ha jk. I really need some sun. Anyways…feel free to throw on some tights or leggings to make any of these outfits warmer!

tunic dress outfit tunic dress outfit

Are any of you guys totally sick of this cold weather yet? I’m not crazy sick of it yet, I still have some hot chocolate days left in me! But ask me again in February.. 🙂

Hopefully this helped to give you some more outfit ideas! If my closet allowed it I wouldn’t pack anything away, because with some ingenuity, you could make all your clothes work for all seasons!

*This post is sponsored by Adorn Apparel, but all opinions and views are my own. There are no affiliate links in this post, but merely linked to the product for your convenience*

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  1. Renee

    January 23, 2017 at 3:01 pm

    My favorite outfit idea is #2! I just love those colors together. I’m not sick of winter yet, but it helps I have a bday coming up :). I’ll have to make some hot cocoa and embrace the cold, good suggestion!

    1. carolynarentson@gmail.com

      January 23, 2017 at 6:03 pm

      I can’t wait for you bday! It will be a super fun thing to do in February.

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