I’m the type of person that goes through phases. I tend to love a lot of things for a short amount of time and then move on to something new. Hey, it keeps life exciting!

Currently, there’s lots of stuff I could be doing right now: read chapter 8 of Professional Selling, put the dishes away, and catch up on Bachelor in Paradise.

Instead, I’m going to write a blog post 😉

Because I’m also the type of person that can’t move on to something else unless I’ve completed what I wanted to do! I’ve been visualizing this post for a while now because I like to see lots of pretty things in one place. Call me a girly girl.

Now introducing my weekly “crushing on” posts!

Here are the Latest Things I’ve Been Crushing On:

1. Marble

Marble is just for the kitchen? Not anymore. Though it’s been a dream of mine to have marble countertops, marble quickly became a print that’s on everything now. I love to see it as an accessory, in the office, and oh man wouldn’t that floor be cool??


2. Two Piece Outfits

I don’t know what it is about two piece outfits that I like so much. Maybe it’s the ease of getting dressed and looking so stylish? The cute adorable factor? All of the above?

3. One Piece Swimsuits

This summer is my goal to bring the one piece swimsuit back. There are a ton that I have my eye on and I hope to have a few solid pieces (no pun intended) for next summer! I love the classiness of them. Just recently, I was shopping with my 8 year old niece who wanted to help me find a swimsuit. “What are you looking for? Two piece, whole piece?” Haha….”whole piece” 😉

4. Olive Trees

This might seem so random, but I love thinking about the way an olive tree would look in my french country dining room. They’re just so European…and I love all things European! Plus, after a recent trip to Pottery Barn in Madison, they were used everywhere! Thus deepening my “need” for one 😉 Yes, I know I’m not in the right place to try to grow one. Confession: Yes, I did look up “fake olive tree” online.


5. Black & White Stripes

I’m always a sucker for some good stripes, and this week has been no different. From clothes to home decor…give me all the stripes!

Now I plan on just stopping at 5 things, but this one just came to mind near the end!


6. Off -The-Shoulder Tops

It’s a little late to start getting into this trend now (hello fall), but hey, next summer! These ones have definitely caught my eye.

Now, let’s see how my tastes will change by next week 😉

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*the pictures in this post are not mine, but were found on Pinterest and Google*

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  1. Natalie

    August 25, 2016 at 12:37 am

    black and white stripes are huge!!
    “whole piece” CUTIE!!

  2. Renee

    August 29, 2016 at 11:58 pm

    Lol the whole piece comment was cute.
    Love that marble fun cover! And you’re right, the olive tree does look nice in the living room.
    The blog post title on the marble background was clever.

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