A quick scroll through my Instagram and it’s pretty clear you have two options: jump on the fall fashion train or be left in all the fashion blogger’s dust.

Even though everyone has gone back to school (if you’re still in that stage), it’s still not technically fall yet. But after thinking about this post, I started getting excited about some new styles to wear this fall and I thought I’d share them with you!

Here are some upcoming fall fashion trends to have on your radar:

1. Oversized Checkered Blazers
I’m most excited about this look because I looovee blazers (I’ve styled black ones, pink ones, white ones, oh my!) This subtle print in a gray tone is the perfect look for fall.


2. Kimonos
A lightweight cotton kimono looks great in the summer, and it works for fall when you switch to a satin one in darker tones. So luxe. So chic.


3. Sheer
The more layers an outfit has, the more interesting it can look. Adding something sheer to your outfit is like another way to layer without hiding your whole look. I love it!


4. Floral Print
Florals are always so pretty to me. They’re not just a summer thing when you can find the piece in darker tones. Think dark green, dark blue, black. etc.


5. Exaggerated Sleeves
This year has been a fun time for shirts. Cold shoulder, off the shoulder, one shoulder. No sleeves, bell sleeves, trumpet sleeves. Have any tops with just good ol’ exaggerated sleeves in your closet? Now may be the time to break them out.


6. Pajama Inspired Look
This style has slowly been on the rise for a while, and I was initially turned off because it looked like you just rolled out of bed. But I found that by mixing and matching the pajama pieces instead of going “full on”, you can create an uber chic look. Sign me up.


7. Sock Boots
People have been asking me what the boot style for this fall is going to be. I fumbled through a poor explanation by saying “the boots that go up”. Great description, Carolyn. Anyways, they’re called sock boots! Gotta be honest, not sure how practical these boots are for day-to-day wear. On my everyday style you can find me in my loafers. Speaking of loafers…



8. Loafers/ Slides
Loafers, slides, whatever you wanna call them. I often find the words are interchangeable. These are a great fall shoe and I’ve been wearing mine non-stop it seems. They’re comfy, pretty much go with everything, and the gold buckle detailing really adds a lot.


9. Slingback Heels
Whether the heel is chunky or not, I think these are a really chic shoe. It’s a simple way to add some height without looking like you’re trying too hard.


10. Wristlets & Circle Sunglasses
Some of fall’s hottest accessories include wristlets and circle sunglasses. There’s been a lot of “mini” things this season I’ve found. Mini heels, mini backpacks, mini purses. I haven’t added any of these to my wardrobe yet, because frankly, if I’m in the market for a new backpack, I’d rather get one that can hold all my stuff. But I think they’re cute (who doesn’t like something in a mini size?!), and if I saw one that was really cheap I’d try it out!


11. Denim
Though skinny jeans aren’t out, you’ve probably been noticing some different jean styles around lately. High waisted, straight leg, cropped, and flared are all some new great fall styles. I’ll always love my skinny jeans, but I do appreciate a mix up this season! Speaking of hot denim this season, it’s time to keep your denim skirt out! Pair it with boots and a blazer this fall and you’re golden.


12. Red
Lots of puns could go with this fiery color, but it is going to be red hot this season! 😉 Whether you bring it in on small doses (shoe, purse, sunglasses) or large doses (full on jumpsuit), here’s looking at you!


Now which of these styles do you like? Part of the reason I chose to write about these (other trends include polka dots, fringe, silver, and deconstruction) is because I’m into all of them!

But now is the time to make wise decisions and choose the pieces you could get the most wear out of. The best part of the process. Said no blogger ever 😉

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