When Liz and Chris want a weekend away I’m only too happy to take their kids! Titus couldn’t make it this time, so I had my second visit with my nieces. The last time I got them was in the fall and this was supposedly the first day of spring. Even though it snowed. Boo. 🙁

Oh well. It didn’t stop us from having a blast.

They came late Friday night and we all just sat around, drank tea, and caught up. Cora seemed to be open to me a lot more this time. Last time she visited, she followed Mya around for a chunk of the beginning, but this time she ran to me and jumped in my arms!

Saturday morning Mya and I woke up early and she helped me make a blueberry croissant puff for breakfast. It amazes me on how much she is capable of doing!IMG_3383

After taking our time to get ready, we went to the library.

Mya enjoyed reading Barbie books and Cora liked looking at all the Minnie Mouse books.


Also, Cora was very proud of her book balancing talent:IMG_3395

It was a good start to a Saturday morning. After the library we were hungry, but didn’t want to go home and cook something then come back out so we went to Culvers. Yum yum!IMG_20160319_113106945IMG_20160319_113113807IMG_20160319_113128123_HDR

Mya wanted to go skating at 1 and we had some time to kill before it opened so we went to good ol’ TJMaxx. Mya and I went through all the clothes so she could try a bajillion things on while Cora took Titus’ hand and pointed to everything she wanted in the store.


channeling my inner fashionista

Of course Titus is a softie so we let Cora get some “hanatizer.” Not hand sanitizer, hanatizer. But really it’s less of a mouthful to say it that way. In the spirit of fairness, we let Mya pick out a hat, which I don’t think she took off the rest of the weekend. 🙂

Skating was such a fun experience.



Titus and I formed a train with Mya and Cora to keep them from falling down. For a good 45 minutes it was a mess of tangled limbs and everyone on the ground. Cora didn’t move her legs at all, so she either fell down from her feet going all the way out in front of her or behind her. Her face didn’t change the whole time and she looked like she was not having fun, but when I asked her if she was, she nodded yes, and when I asked her if she wanted to sit down, she said no. I saw a little kid go by on these kiddie skates that we got for Cora to try. They worked a lot better. Well, they were basically just shoes so I think Cora just walked around the skating alley for a good half hour. 😉

Mya started off holding on to Titus the majority of the time, but towards the end of it she was skating all by herself! As we were leaving though she said she needed to sit down because her butt was sore from falling a lot.

It was snowing this weird snow/rain mix so we thought it was the perfect time to start our movie and snuggle time. Before that though, we stopped by Derrek and Molly’s to play…..Rockband of course!


Derrek put on his matching hat

Mya asked if we could all get our pajamas on…so why not! We had supper, made ice cream sundaes, and watched Princess Protection Program. This movie was cheesy when I watched it 5ish years ago on my own. It was even cheesier now. But Mya is super into dresses and princesses. I was too at that age. Psh still am! Well, dresses for that matter 😉


After the movie we played hide and seek in the dark for a long time. I for “some reason” was always “it” because at the last minute Cora would run to my spot where it didn’t fit more than one person and then run away and hide right as the person finished counting. I always got found first. But at the end I was the winner because I was in a really good spot in my bedroom and Mya couldn’t find me. Except she had a conversation with Titus that went like this:

*everyone is sitting on my bed because they couldn’t find me while I am hiding under my night stand right next to the bed*

Titus: *yells* “Well I think Carolyn is the winner then!”
Mya: *whispers* “How about we just leave her there and go play a different game by ourselves?”
Me: *I pop up* “Um…what’s that Mya?”
Mya: *clearly startled and taken aback* “I didn’t know you were there.”
Me: “Obviously, Mya. Obviously.”

Thanks, girl. ;P

After hide and seek we went to bed to get ready for church the next morning.

Sunday morning I made quiche (which Mya liked and Cora just ate the crust). After church, Mya made us all coffee (that girl is amazing!) and helped me get lunch together. I was holding Cora and we went outside to look at flowers. She wanted down, so I put her down, and then she stepped on a stick. This was a pretty traumatic moment for a while.



the owie

Thankfully, it wasn’t too serious because she hopped up and we did makeovers.


Titus did a great job with Cora! And I was in charge of giving Mya a “rocker look”


Mya wanted to walk around and look at big houses so we took them to a neighborhood that has very cool and big houses.


still wearing the hat

Mya had to go to the bathroom and asked if we could borrow someone that lived there. Um, nope. She also asked if we could peek in the houses. Um, nope again.

After that we went home and Liz and Chris were ready to pick them up. Great weekend!

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  1. Amy Weber

    March 22, 2016 at 4:56 pm

    What fun! I laughed all the way through? In what neighborhood did you go check out houses?

  2. messerly218

    March 23, 2016 at 1:49 am

    HAHA!! Jeff and I just read this together and laughed so hard! His favorite part: the make-up.

    My favorite parts: stepping on a stick story and the photo of the owie, Cora having the same face while skating and then pretty much just walking around in kiddie skates, Mya wanting to go or peek in people’s house. Mya really is such a big help! Wow, she even made coffee? I’m impressed. Love these girls!

  3. messerly218

    April 28, 2016 at 11:07 pm

    LOL!! I just read this again!! (You need to do some more blog posts), but it’s soooo hilarious! I love that Cora didn’t move her legs skating and her feet went in front or behind her. I love the part about you hiding and Mya whispering to go play another game.

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