This questions is probably in the top 10 most frequently asked.

What type of necklace do you wear with your neckline?

This is a tough question, because there is no right or wrong answer. I usually just try to see if I’m “feeling it” or not. But it is helpful to have some sort of guideline for people that aren’t used to “feeling it”. So I put together the top ways I would wear a necklace with each popular neckline.

1. V neck: I probably wear this style the most. Even though older guidelines stray away from wearing longer necklaces with a v neck, I quite dig it.

v neck neckline

2. Crew Neck: A crew neck is pretty much a blank canvas and anything goes.

crew neck neckline

3. Turtle neck & cowl neck: I don’t wear this style as much, but turtlenecks are gaining momentum. If you’re not comfortable wearing a necklace, throw on some statement earrings and you’re set. turtle neck neckline

4. Collar neckline or button down: This is for all of those chambray shirts and button down shirts. If you wear your chambray shirt with the first couple buttons open, go ahead and still wear shorter necklaces for a cool look.collar neckline

What do you think? Is there a neckline you wear a lot that’s not here?

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