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  1. Aww love hearing about your trip!

    1. IT’SGONNAHAPPEN— haha no one doubts you. We know it will happen for sure!
    2. I love how much coffee you drink.
    “Coffee is a must for getting up early. And afternoons. And evenings. And breathing.” <—yes!
    3. 3/4 Burlington coat factories is dedication!
    4. lol not dramatic at all! Sometimes when you're hungry, it feels like the world stops, or should stop.

  2. “And breathing.” hahaha 🙂
    would the irony be “can’t fit” when clearly both signs can’t fit?
    I am wearing that exact same outfit today (black romper). we must be like sisters or something..
    Way to be adventurous!! and congrats on not buying anything! that is a really big feat in the nation’s largest mall.
    ditto what Renee said. #IT’SGONNAHAPPEN

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