15 weeks

15 Weeks | Pregnancy Update

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15 weeks 15 weeks

Baby is the size of a: navel orange

Miss anything: Nothing this week

Food cravings: The first part of the week I ate pretty healthy…lots of salads and apples. I felt better mentally, but it wasn’t nearly as satisfying. But then Thanksgiving hit and I wasn’t specifically craving anything, I just wanted to eat it all! Also, I’ve been loovvvinggg peppermint mocha creamer. Too bad we can only have one cup of coffee a day 🙁

Food aversion: Nothing

Mood: I was excited for Thanksgiving and seeing family, so mood was good this week!

Sleep: Still not able to sleep in much and getting up in the wee hours of the morning and not being able to fall back asleep :/ If this continues I may just decide to start my day at 4-5am instead of laying in bed doing nothing.

Sickness: None. And we did a lot of car traveling this week which usually bothers me so that was great!

Body Changes: Skin started getting really itchy this week. Makes it easier to continually apply my creams and lotions, but I hope this doesn’t mean stretch marks are gonna pop now! But if they do, whatevs.

I didn’t do many extra bathroom trips in the first trimester, but I’ve been going nonstop now it seems like! My record has been 3 times in 15 minutes.

My belly seems to be growing quite a bit all of a sudden in a short amount of time. I’m not in any maternity clothes yet, but my skinny jeans are getting extra snug and my high waisted mom jeans have officially been retired. Ironically enough that the only thing I can’t wear right now are my mom jeans…

Body Pain: Still have that same lower back/hip/leg pain. Have really just felt achy all over. Will bring it up at my next appointment next week, and if it doesn’t get better I might look into seeing a chiropractor.

Weight gain: Didn’t bother to weigh myself this week…it was Thanksgiving people!!

Looking forward to: Being in full swing Christmas mood!

Best Moments: Thanksgiving. Seeing family. Yummy food. Need I say more!

Worst Moments: Could complain about some things, but since it’s still November and a focus on being thankful I won’t 😉

Titus’ quotes/stories/thoughts: 

“We haven’t been around each other a lot this week. I did figure out when I’m not around Carolyn I worry about her way more now than I did before. Before I hoped she was doing okay and having fun, but now there are 50 different things I’m worrying about. It’s really boring, but that’s all I have to say.”


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