16 weeks

16 Weeks | Pregnancy Update

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16 weeks 16 weeks

Baby is the size of a(n): avocado

Miss anything: Nothing

Food cravings: Cold fresh fruit and whatever I see a picture of! Whenever I see a photo of pizza my mouth will salivate and I’ll want pizza. I haven’t had anything that sticks with me super long, I just want to eat and 100% of the time I want to eat out. I’ll see a picture of a salad and automatically I want Olive Garden salad. Such a random thing to come to mind. If I’m learning anything from typing this, it’s to stop looking at photos of food!!

I did a lot better job grocery shopping this week and didn’t pick up tons of boxed, processed food. However I wasn’t as strong on the ice cream front. I got 2 different kinds of ice cream and ice cream bars. AND I already had 2 different kinds of ice cream at home. Oops. Like all the mac n cheese I previously got, I usually snap back into health mode and I give it all to Titus to finish. Maybe this is what they talk about when they say sympathy pregnancy weight gain 😉 FYI: Sugar free and dairy free ice cream does NOT taste the same. If you’re craving it, just get the real thing!

16 weeks pregnant
pregnant woman with a doughnut…how original

Food aversion: The smell of a certain coffee. It started bothering me a while ago so Titus stopped making it and we got a new one. Well this week he tried to mix it with the new stuff to use it up. Big mistake haha. I noticed it right away. There are certain things that I had/smelled/ate during my first trimester that made me feel sick that I just can’t go back to anymore.

Mood: Overall pretty happy, but I was kinda a grumpster at home because I wasn’t feeling well (read sickness and body pain).

Sleep: I keep waking up soo early (2am) just because and not being able to fall back asleep. I’m so tired, but I figure this it what my new #momlife will be like.

bags under eyes
the bags under my eyes are NOT designer

Sickness: This week the morning sickness and general “blahness” came back. I have to count myself lucky because I have barely experienced it this pregnancy, but still. Not fun.

Body Changes: I feel like my belly went from round to rounder and now….pointy? Maybe all my bloat was going away? Not sure.

weeks pregnant

Body Pain: In addition to my hip/back/tailbone pain I’ve been getting headaches every day and they have been awful. Tylenol hasn’t been helping so I stopped trying. I found some relief in a friend’s recommendation of lavender oil, but the only thing that truly takes it away is sleeping. But the moment I wake up the throbbing is back.

I brought up my hip/tailbone pain with my doctor and she was saying that all those parts “down there” have to widen so the baby can come out (she explained it better). I made a comment about having it so early and I guess since I’m pretty small a lot more widening has to happen. I also brought up the headaches and I was given some ideas to help them, but my takeaway was that the true cure for this kind of stuff is not being pregnant anymore haha.

Weight gain: Up 6 pounds according to the official doctor scale. I’m happy with this and don’t really care about gaining weight anymore (not saying that I’ve given up). I know what I can accomplish when I’m motivated and I’m actually looking forward to going at it hard with no restrictions when baby is out! Plus I’m having the baby in May which seems like a perfect time for me because it will be right as the weather is nice. I knew if I was having the baby in winter you would not be able to get me out of the house for anything.

Milestones: I started a registry soon after I found out I was pregnant then abandoned it 7 items later because it was incredibly overwhelming. Thankfully, Titus thinks scrolling through pages and pages of equipment and reading reviews is fun, so now we’ve started to slowly add things together and this has helped us think about what we actually need and what our daily lives/schedules will look like with baby. Some friends have given us their must-haves list as well and that has helped a ton too.

I now have a mental image and idea of what I want the nursery to look like. Since I’m going to have things more gender specific, not knowing the gender is killing me because I’m very much a “do” person and there’s so much I want to do, but can’t yet! I honestly don’t even care what the gender is haha, I just want to know.

At my appointment both my doctor and nurse asked if I was feeling baby move and that I should be feeling it anytime now. I hadn’t felt anything (that I know of) besides my flutter a couple weeks ago. Well a couple days later when I was laying down at night, I felt lots of “popcorn kernels/bubbles” in my stomach when I would press down with my hand. But I’m probably always going to second guess myself until baby starts to kick and it becomes so obvious!

Looking forward to: Finding out the gender in 20 days. Christmas. Planning a babymoon. Trying out my new backdrop for photos.

Best Moments: Had a doctor appointment and got to hear the heartbeat again. This time it was 145 BPM. The doctor had a harder time finding the heartbeat this time because baby was a mover! Titus couldn’t make it to the appointment this time but he let out a big “awww” when I told him our baby kept moving haha.

Being able to schedule my ultrasound in time for our family Christmas. I’m excited thinking about a gender reveal!

Titus got approved for time off in January so this means we can plan a babymoon! Woohoo!

Titus got a promotion and with that came new hours! So instead of working 12-8, he is now 8-4 and this has been amaazzzzinnggggg. I’m still adjusting to this schedule though. I would usually start getting ready for bed when Titus got home around 8:30pm. When he got home the other day I started to get ready for bed (pj’s, retainer in, the works) only to discover it was only 4:30pm haha. It was okay that night because due to a bad headache I was in bed by 8:00pm anyways.

Worst Moments: The awful headaches. Hands down. And feeling sick again.

Titus’ quotes/stories/thoughts: “Cravings have been interesting. There hasn’t been anything weird, but she’s been wanting to eat everything she sees on the internet.”

“Mood swings have been crazy. I love Carolyn and she’s a perfect angel, but sometimes mood swings get a little cray cray.”

“We put the flooring in the baby’s room and it’s exciting to start getting ready for our little one.”

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