17 weeks

17 Weeks | Pregnancy Update

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17 weeks 17 weeks

Baby is the size of a: turnip


Miss anything: Nothing

Food cravings: Pickle rolls. Cheesecake. Sweet things. I’m blessed to have a husband that will get me anything I mention I want, but at the same time cursed. One of us needs to have some self-control. Not helping the waistline ha.

Food aversion: Nothing

Mood: Up and down

Sleep: Pretty normal again. Though even if I get a decent 8 hours I still feel tired throughout the day. C’est la vie. Also, I keep having dreams that I’m having twins. In my dream someone asked Titus what he liked doing for fun and I replied for him saying, “He just likes to look at the twins’ ultrasound.” Funny, but would actually be an accurate answer for him haha. I’m not having twins (that I know of), I think I’m just so scared of the thought. Respect to those twin moms out there.

Sickness: Didn’t come back this week

Body Changes: Just the norm

Body Pain: Headaches seem like they’re finally going away. Usually my symptoms only last for a week then get replaced with something else. I’m curious to see what this new week will bring pain wise ha. I still have the lower body pain, but I think I’m going to stop saying that each week because it’s just my life now haha.

Weight gain: I’m going to take this part out because I’m gaining weight quickly and I don’t like the reminder ha. But really I’m becoming a little too obsessive. I’ll just leave the weight monitoring to the doctor.

Milestones: A couple times this week when I was lying down at night I could see my belly button moving in and out like it was doing the wave. I felt “pops” inside as well. I *think* this was baby. Or I have some belly button disease. Or maybe my stomach is going to explode. Who knows.

Looking forward to: Christmas. I know I sound like a broken record. Not 100% sure if we’re going to do a vacay/babymoon or not, so I can’t quite look forward to that yet. We haven’t finished the floor/random paint touch ups yet and my office is a jumbled mess. I can’t wait to put it back together and get the guest room set up downstairs. I look forward to lame things.

Best Moments: Getting my first paycheck from my agency that I did when I was 11 weeks. Hopefully this is the first of many! Except now I’m on a long break till I look like the big preggo people you see in ads.

Worst Moments: Nothing really

Titus’ quotes/stories/thoughts: “Overall it’s been one of the more boring weeks. I think one thing I’ve really enjoyed this week is talking to my co-workers about my baby, hearing them talk about their life with a kid, and hoping it’s not as crazy as it sounds.”

“I’ve been enjoying the different cravings of sweets, because then I get to eat it too. Except for the no sugar and no dairy ice cream. Because that was nasty. And no one should eat that.”




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