18 weeks

18 Weeks | Pregnancy Update

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18 weeks pregnant
18 weeks
18 weeks pregnant
18 weeks

Baby is the size of a: Sweet potato

sweet potato

(just have to say there are a gazillion different sizes of sweet potatoes and if you stare long enough, a sweet potato is actually quite disgusting to look at #badcomparison)

Miss anything: Nothing

Food cravings: Chick-fil-A was pretty strong this week


Food aversion: Nothing

Mood: Happy and no out of the norm mood swings. The other day Titus said, “Good thing pregnancy hasn’t changed your ability to be overdramatic.” Psh, whatever 😉

Sleep: It’s been a busier week with a lot of late nights, so I’ve been pretty tired and I’m looking forward to hitting the sack earlier when I can in these next couple of weeks.

Sickness: Nothing

Body Changes:  I think it’s time for me to start looking into maternity jeans and basics. My skinny jeans are getting to the point of too uncomfortable to wear. This week I started doing the “rubberband trick” on my skinny jeans, but I’m afraid I’m just going to sit down and everything will bust and I’ll poke someone in the eye haha. Why oh why do I only own tight skinny jeans? 😉 Also, my non-stretchy tank tops stop awkwardly on my belly. I don’t really think I’ll need anything else because I have clothes galore, just a pair of jeans and tanks for now.

Body Pain: I tried to do as many house projects as I could (read milestones) while Titus was at work to ease his load (though I will state he wasn’t thrilled at the idea) and definitely felt the pain afterwards. I way over did it and I almost wonder if I experienced some Braxton Hicks?

Milestones: All that work that I mentioned we were doing in week 17 is now 99% done! We were switching around rooms, putting in floors, painting, and doing some other things we put off when we first moved in.

room makeover
Had a lot of organizing to do. Former office- now the nursery
room makeover
Had a lot of organizing to do. Former office- now the nursery
room makeover
Progress….former guest room- now my office. Guest room will be downstairs now
room makeover
Progress…former guest room- now my office. Guest room will be downstairs now

Anyways, the milestone is that we finally got the foundation of the nursery done! Now it will probably sit as an empty room for a while because we literally have nothing to put in it, but at least it’s done and that makes me feel really good.

Looking forward to: In less than a week we find out gender (I’ll technically be 19w 5d at my appt)!! The anticipation is killing me. But yes, I know it’s not a gender scan, but an anatomy scan, so I’m looking forward to see the health and progression of baby too. We haven’t had any ultrasounds yet, so this will be exciting.

Getting closer to the halfway point has me getting really excited to meet baby! I’ve been envisioning what my mornings will look like with baby and I picture lots of snuggles. I was sharing a “vision” with Titus saying that I picture being up to watch the sun rise with a coffee in hand and holding a content baby. I then said my current vision is probably not realistic, but I just don’t picture the baby crying haha. To which he replied, “Well I don’t think most people picture a crying baby in their fantasies.” Ha true…anyways random story…but whether this baby will go along with my morning fantasies or not, I’ve just been feeling very privileged to have this precious life inside of me.

I also get to see lots of family coming up and I’m looking forward to that too!

Best Moments: Getting the no fun house projects out of the way. It feels so good not to have that hanging in the back of my mind.

We went to a work Christmas party and there was this amazing bacon and cream cheese wrapped shrimp popper. I’m so glad Titus told everyone I was pregnant because I felt justified going back to the food table once…twice…okay maybe three times 😉 Yes, good food will make my best moment list haha #pregnant

Worst Moments: Being super tired and having really bad body pain. But really I brought it on myself so I can’t complain ha.

Titus’ quotes/stories/thoughts: “I love that Carolyn’s belly is sticking out to the point where she’s very obviously pregnant.”

“She’s been very determined and persistent to do things on the house, so that was pretty impressive to watch, but also very concerning.”

“We got some baby onesies and as I held up the onesies I imagined holding my own baby one day. It made me very happy.”


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