19 weeks pregnant

19 Weeks | Pregnancy Update

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Baby is the size of a: tomato


Miss anything: Nothing

Food Cravings: Not a craving, but I’ve been really loving cuties and cottage cheese this week. Though I have been having it all week so I’m kinda already over it.

Food aversion: Nothing

19 weeks pregnant

Mood: Super happy! It’s been a fabulous week of seeing family, Christmas activities, and finding out the gender!

Sleep: Not getting tons of sleep because there’s so much going on (and now I have to pee 5-6 times a night, yay), but I ain’t even mad about it.

Sickness: Nothing

Body Changes: Getting bigger and gaining weight, but I’m pretty sure that’s normal 😉

19 weeks pregnant 19 weeks pregnant

Body Pain: Just the norm

Milestones: I felt the baby actually kick for the first time! I was laying in bed one morning feeling my belly and I felt this small hard lump on one side of my stomach. Never having felt this before, I kept poking it and then it kicked me! At the same time I felt the kick I watched my whole my stomach move. It was pretty crazy. I may have teared up (#hormones). Feeling the flutters and pops were really cool, but feeling an actual kick and not having to second guess what that feeling was is even better. Titus wasn’t there when it happened so I tried to capture it on video, but baby must have gotten tired of me poking it, because by the time I got my phone ready the hard lump went away.

Oh random story: Titus got home really late the same night I told him I felt baby kick. I was already in bed and he thought I was asleep (not sure why I never said hi haha), anyways, I felt his hands pressing down on my stomach and I startled him by asking him if he was trying to get baby to move. Not a milestone, but I just thought this was so cute he was trying to feel baby move when he thought I was asleep.

19 weeks pregnant 19 weeks pregnant

Looking forward to: Still have some Christmas celebrations to look forward to!

Best Moments: Hanging out with my cousin and doing fun things such as going to Madison, getting Mexican takeout, opening gifts, and watching movies. Weekend Christmas with my family is always an amazing time.

Oh…and the biggest one…we know the gender of our baby!!! Yes, I will be announcing it on the blog with photos and stories…next week! Have to spread some things out 😉 But it’ll be on Instagram sooner, so make sure you check that out!

Worst Moments: Really can’t think of anything

Titus’ quotes/stories/thoughts: “The best part was finding out the gender of our baby. It made it so much more real.”


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