2 month baby update

2 Months | William Jackson

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2 month baby update2 month baby post 2 month baby post

What? Already two months?! Usually, people start out these posts by saying they can’t believe it. That’s me at times. But at other times, yes, I can believe it’s been that long haha.

2 month baby post 2 month baby post

People always want to know how life is with a new baby. Really I’m just using this post as an excuse to dump all the 1-2 month photos of Will that I can. If you’re going to baby spam might as well do it all in one place…but I figure hey, I might as well talk a little bit about him too 😉

2 month baby post  2 month baby post 2 month baby post 2 month baby post

These past 2 months have not been easy. A downright struggle at times. Do I think he’s adorable and do I love him with all of my heart? Yes. For sure. But it has not been all snuggles and baby bliss.

I knew that babies cried, but I was not expecting a baby that could just never be happy. I was told that babies would just sleep all the time, but I was not expecting a baby that wouldn’t nap. Most of my days were spent just trying to keep him happy. This would mean I’d be constantly holding him, wearing him, rocking him, walking around the house, or nursing. Then there were days that none of that worked, more tears were shed (on both sides), and when Titus would finally come home from work I was so mentally and physically exhausted I couldn’t even form a sentence.

Whether it was colic, gas pain, or just plain ol’ fussy baby, it was rough. Everyone’s experiences are different and everyone’s babies are different. Even though I found the adjustment and very early days to be pretty difficult, I feel like it’s getting better now. Or at least I’m starting to feel more used to it but hey, I’ll take that!

Though I do think between getting older and chiropractic visits, he’s starting to grow out of the fussiness. There are still rough days and moments, but not every day which to me is paradise (hallelujah!). We’ve been experiencing happy moments and content moments where I can get in his face and he’ll coo and smile at me. That is the best and it melts my heart. Or moments where he’ll just sit and look around for a decent amount of time. Who knew that you could just enjoy holding a baby?? 😉

2 month baby post2 month baby post

He eats well and sleeps pretty well at night too so I’m thankful for that. The days are pretty unpredictable though. I wish we were on a bit more of a schedule, but I know it’s a little early to expect that. But time really does go by so quickly and reminding myself of that helps me to not get too down on the bad days and not to wish the good days away.

2 month baby post 2 month baby post


Loves: the musical giraffe on his activity mat, movement, being held, when you talk in his face, mornings, outside, being propped up to look around, being warm, stretching

Hates: tummy time, not being held, shopping, getting dressed, when you leave the room

2 month baby post2 month baby post

We are so thankful for Will, our God-given gift. It’s crazy to look at his toes and think that a human, part me and part the man I love, was formed inside of me. We melt when he gives us big smiles and tries to talk back to us. It’s kind of a weird/scary thing feeling that fierce mama love and already knowing I’d do anything for this little guy!

I mean, look at this face…

2 month baby post

2 month baby post 2 month baby post 2 month baby post2 month baby post 2 month baby post

2 month baby post 2 month baby post

2 month baby post 2 month baby post

2 month baby post 2 month baby post

2 month baby post1 month baby update2 month baby update

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