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20 weeks pregnant

What an exciting post to write! I hit my halfway mark in pregnancy and I know what gender I’m having. All this on top of Christmas, it’s been a couple crazy weeks to say the least. Even though we technically found the gender out last week, I have more time to write down stories and thoughts about it this week!

20 weeks pregnant 20 weeks pregnant

20 Weeks Pregnancy Update

Baby is the size of a: mango


Miss anything: Lots of coffee

Food Cravings: Not anything specific

Food aversion: Nothing

Mood: Happy and excited

20 weeks pregnant 20 weeks pregnant

Sleep: Still sometimes waking up at 3am for no reason, but I found if I move to the couch and read a boring book I can get a couple more hours in

Sickness: Nothing

Body Changes: In my first pair of maternity jeans and loooving them. Why did I wait so long? They are so comfortable, especially when I’m sitting down. I don’t have buttons and zippers digging into my stomach and it’s nice to take a break from leggings.

Body Pain: Just your normal hip pain

Milestones: Finding out gender and announcing it. Buying a cute gender specific outfit. Making some crafts for the nursery.

Looking forward to: Being able to do things and shop with a specific vision in mind

Best Moments: If you follow me on social media you already know… but we’re happy to announce that we’re having a boy!

boy gender reveal announcement boy gender reveal announcement  boy gender reveal announcement boy gender reveal announcementboy gender reveal announcement boy gender reveal announcementboy gender reveal announcement boy gender reveal announcement

Getting the ultrasound and being able to see our baby was such a cool moment. They told me to come with a full bladder and I was worrying a bit too much on how much I should drink and what’s “full”. Well the tech can see your bladder and she told me it was so full I should actually empty it haha. Just trying to do what I’m told 😉

20 week boy ultrasound

20 week boy ultrasound

20 week boy ultrasound

Anyways, our boy is sooo active! He was moving all over the place. The techs called him a wiggler. Here I was afraid he wouldn’t cooperate by keeping his legs shut when it came to the gender part, but he actually wasn’t cooperating for the techs because he wouldn’t sit still haha! The tech said he was doing somersaults and kept asking if I was feeling anything and if I had any coffee that morning. I really just had cottage cheese for breakfast, but I wonder if this is any indication of how he’ll be when he’s out 😉

20 week boy ultrasound

I’m sure the techs say this to everyone, but they kept exclaiming over our boy… “Such cute lips” “What a beautiful spine”. Even if they say it to everyone we chose to believe it was just for us 🙂

20 week boy ultrasound

Towards the end of the appointment they were doing the 3D pics and baby must have wiped himself out from being so active because he clonked out and wouldn’t move. Of course it’s at the time you want good face shots haha. I had to do laps and roll around on the table to get the last shots. We didn’t get any of those “typical” profile shots, but I love the one that we did get. He’s just sleeping with his arm behind his head, not a care in the world. Titus says he is super content with mommy 🙂

20 week boy ultrasound

Overall, my best best moment is that everything looks great and we have a healthy baby. I’m measuring just 4 days ahead, so everything is right on track and all the body parts are doing what they should. I’m just thankful and amazed at this precious life and I’m reminded every time I feel him move around inside of me. What a blessing!

20 weeks pregnant

Worst Moments: Actually getting my ultrasound was an emotional roller coaster. I was told in the beginning of my doctor visits that the ultrasound is at the 20 week appt. So I made that appointment and looked forward to it for so long and planned on telling family the gender that night. Well the appointment finally comes around and there was some sort of miscommunication somewhere because they told me they don’t do the ultrasound at the 20 week appointment they schedule it. What?? I instantly started tearing up even though I tried to hide it because I was looking forward to this for so long. I think the nurse sensed my distress because she left the room to go see if she could schedule something at the hospital today. In the meantime a new guy doctor I was meeting came in, glanced at my charts, and told me I needed to watch my weight. Not what an emotional pregnant woman wants to hear. I was already tearing up the whole morning then this pushed me over the edge and I started crying. Ohhh boy haha. It’s hard when you want to be discreet and wipe your tears away but your doctor is staring right at you. So I just let them roll ha. Then the nurse finally came back in and told me she was able to schedule an AM ultrasound appointment! So it all worked out in the end which I was very thankful for, but man it was a rough morning to begin with.

Don’t really want to end on this note, so go read my best moments again haha

20 weeks pregnant 20 weeks pregnant

 Titus’ thoughts: “The ultrasound blew my mind. I didn’t realize all the things they were able to see and do. It was absolutely incredible to see my SON just hanging in there. It almost seemed like he was playing with the ultrasound techs which made me happy that he was a jokester.”

“Still can’t believe I’m going to have a son. That’s drastically changed the way I think about everything. I’m reading a book about being a man and I’m thinking about all the things I want to teach him.”

“Also son, no pressure, but I hope you’re in the NFL someday.”

“I love having the ultrasound pictures and being able to look at him. It used to just be a little baby, but now he has a face and I know that’s my son and those are his pictures on my fridge.”

“I also proudly show him off to my team at work. Don’t care if they want to see him or not, but I’m going to show them.”

“I was able to feel the baby through her stomach and that’s been crazy to feel the hard baby and feel him move away. It’s been way more real, though I still don’t think I’ve wrapped my head around the fact that she has a baby inside of her.”

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