2023 spring fashion mood board inspiration

2023 Fashion Mood Board

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The feeling of a fresh start is so exciting. Even if nothing has changed besides the date on the calendar, it feels like an opportunity to start over or refresh what you have. And though I’m not overhauling my style for 2023, I’ve been saving some things that have caught my eye lately. These are styles, items, and overall feelings I want to incorporate into my style this new year!

2023 spring fashion mood board inspiration

Mary Jane Flats– Mary Janes are entering the spotlight once again, but we all know these aren’t a new shoe style. I saw them on the feet of many Parisians when I was in Paris last year, plus, these (originally) children’s shoes originated in the 19th and 20th centuries, so they’ve been around for a while.

But they’re coming back as a sophisticated spring shoe. They’ve captured my attention because they look chic, simple, and versatile. You could wear these with socks, shorts, or jeans- the options are endless. Plus, how darling is this pistachio color with the gold buckle?

Classic Bags– Simple bags with minimal hardware are on my radar, especially in a preppy yet timeless saddle bag style. Handbags like this are sophisticated and versatile. You could wear them with anything and they’re stylish enough to stand out, but not so out there that they command all the attention.

Riding Boots– Several years ago when I got rid of my riding boots in favor of ankle boots, I thought I’d come to regret it. Sure enough! We know by now that almost everything comes back around again. Riding boots are popping up all over the place, as are any tall boots, like cowboy/western boots and other knee-high styles.

However, I really like riding boots for their preppy and classic look. You can wear them now in winter and even in spring. They’d look cute with a pleated skirt and a striped sweater. If I get them again, I won’t be tossing them this time, that’s for sure!

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Pink and Sage Green-I’ve been really drawn to this color combo lately. Especially this time of year. I think incorporating a soft pink and a pretty green into your winter outfits is a perfect way to brighten up your look and beckon spring while still being weather appropriate.

And even better, your money isn’t wasted because your sage green handbags can be worn all spring, summer, and even fall too! It’s a great versatile color.

Striped Cardigan and Cami Set– No surprise that stripes are on my mood board! Stripes are classic and timeless, so they’re never going out of style, even if they wane in popularity.

This past year, striped sweaters started popping up everywhere, thanks to Totême’s signature striped wool turtleneck which started the spark in 2019. The market for striped sweaters led more affordable retailers to create a budget-friendly version of the iconic striped sweater and just more striped items in general.

Though stripes can be worn now, they’re especially sweet to wear in spring. Especially in this cute striped cardigan and cami set.

Active Dress– Athleisure and Athflow aren’t going anywhere, but I love this sophisticated update on the casual trend. Comfy yet chic? Yes, please! A great way to stay comfortable yet pulled together this spring and summer season is with tennis, golf or yoga skirts, dresses, and one-pieces.

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Overall, I’m looking forward to some soft, calming colors as well as embracing the preppy aesthetic more this year.

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