24 weeks pregnant

23 & 24 Weeks | Pregnancy Update

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24 weeks pregnant

23 & 24 Weeks Pregnancy Update

Baby is the size of a(n): ear of corn


Miss anything: My self-control haha (read below)

Food cravings: Uggh sweet things. My doctor said my weight was good at my last appointment, but I feel like I’m eating horribly and like I have no self-control.

24 weeks pregnant

Food aversion: None

Mood: Overall pretty good

24weeks 24weeks

Sleep: Haven’t been waking up at odd times these past couple weeks so I’m thankful for that. I’m kinda going back to being really tired throughout the day though. One thing or the other it seems…

Sickness: No nausea and thankfully I haven’t gotten any of this cold or flu that’s been going around.

Body changes: Just the normal things, but I do find I’m out of breath a lot easier now and that’s kinda new.

Body pain: Sciatic nerve pain. It hurts my stomach to bend over so I have to get a bit more creative now.

Milestones: Not really a milestone, just a baby update- His kicks are way stronger than they used to be, even from just the last blog post. Some of them take my breath away!

24 weeks pregnant 24 weeks pregnant

Looking forward to: I know I should just be grateful for each day, but I’m so happy that we’re almost into February, because this means we’re almost into March and so forth ;P

Worst moments: Ehh can’t think of anything bad enough to go in a “worst moment”

Best moments: Working hard on our kitchen and getting it to look nice. Having a couple nicer weather days. Heartburn hasn’t really been a problem lately.

Titus’ thoughts: “When I was installing the countertops I was just picturing myself teaching my son how to do the work and install things. That made me very excited for him to grow up.”

“Every time I feel him kick I get so excited.”

“I’ve been trying to be better and help Carolyn not give into her cravings like she asked, but then that just makes her more upset, so it’s easier to just give into her cravings now.”


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