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  1. Aww love the photos of you and Titus. You seriously look sooo cute. Bummer about sleep still not being the best. My heart melted about the part of Titus teaching his son, you’ll both be amazing parents. Can’t wait to meet little guy!

  2. I love reading your updates! It makes pregnancy a lot less scary for me. I just am terrified of having to be pregnant more than being a mother. Also, Titus is such a charm! You both are going to be amazing parents!

    • Aw that’s so sweet! Pregnancy definitely has its up and down moments, nothing you can truly prepare for, but it’s an exciting time. Glad this helped a little 🙂

  3. I feel excited to read these well-written posts bc it seems we have carried same and experienced similar discomforts. I’m on week 16 and it’s fun to skip ahead to get an idea how big my belly will be for my baby shower etc since we have developed similarly each week as well.

    • That’s so exciting that we were pretty similar and of course, that you’re expecting 🙂 Do you know what you’re having or if you’re finding out? Unless you already found out!

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