25 & 26 Weeks | Pregnancy Update

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Baby is the size of a: rutabaga (25w)


to an

eggplant (26w)

(honestly, these comparisons just confuse me)

Miss anything: Making future decisions is a lot harder now. I’m very thankful for the 3+ years we had of just us (wouldn’t want it any shorter), but it was a lot easier to just do whatever you wanted. Now we have to filter every decision through what’s going to be best for our son. So I already kinda miss the ability to pick up and go, BUT I know that a child enriches your life in new ways (from what people tell me haha).

Food cravings: Hmm…I have a craving that can’t be satisfied because I can’t pinpoint exactly what I’m craving. It would be great to know what that craving is so I could satisfy it!

Food aversion: No aversions. Some foods just aren’t hitting the spot for me though (read above)

Mood: Just really exhausted

maternity-fashion maternity-fashion

Sleep: Sleep has been the absolute pits. For some reason, I’d wake up so alert at odd times in the morning and not be able to get back to sleep. It’s usually around 2-3 am. Then one morning I woke up all of a sudden thinking it was time for the alarm to go off only to realize it was 12 am. I had only been asleep for a couple of hours. It was really wearing on me. My sister recommended a safe sleep aid and after using that for a couple of nights I was finally able to go back to normal(ish). Is this whole not sleeping thing a foretaste of motherhood? Not a fan.

Sickness: Thankfully, sickness is really just a thing of the past for me.

maternity-fashion maternity-fashion

Body changes: I started noticing stretch marks, but they’re not in public places so I really don’t care. It’s a slow change, but it’s crazy to me how big my stomach is slowly getting. I’m not abnormally huge or anything (I don’t think), but just the whole stomach growing thing is still crazy to me.

maternity-fashion maternity-fashion

Body pain: Sciatica nerve pain is still going strong.

Milestones: Really nothing. We should really do our registry or work on the nursery or something.

Not sure if I ever said this before, but we do have a name for our little boy! We won’t be announcing till the birth, however.

Looking forward to: T has a surprise planned for my birthday in April! Even though April is still so far away the anticipation excites me haha #lame


Worst moments: Not sleeping and being so tired.

Best moments: It wasn’t a terrible couple of weeks, but nothing sticks out as being a best moment either.

maternity-fashion maternity-fashion

Titus’ thoughts: “I’m surprised by how hard he can kick and hit. I keep feeling it and thinking he’s going to kick and break his leg or something. I just have to keep reminding myself he’s not that fragile.”

“I don’t think there’s anything quite like the feeling of feeling your child rolling around in your wife’s stomach. I knew that babies kicked, but I didn’t even think that they did somersaults in there. It is ridiculous.”

“We had a heavy snowfall and after that I was already excited for him to grow up and shovel the driveway.”


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