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27-30 Weeks | Bumpdate

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maternity photography

I am into my third and final trimester! I don’t know whether to talk about how time is going by so quickly or how I’m ready to be done…because it’s both and it changes by the hour haha. But starting tomorrow I’ll be in the single digit countdown…WHAT!

27-30 Weeks Bumpdate


Baby is the size of a(n): eggplant (27 weeks)


to a butternut squash (30 weeks)

butternut squash

Miss anything: Nice weather (did have some good days though). Pre-pregnancy body and clothes…but the end is in sight and I’ve heard people say they miss their bump when it’s gone.

Food cravings: Everything I can’t have (see worst moments)

Food aversion: None

Mood: Happy and excited! (for the most part…a lot goes back and forth in a month haha)

Sleep: So-so. Lots of frequent bathroom trips. Calf/leg cramps. Still having insomnia, but my sleep aide helps with that.

Sickness: Heartburn off and on. Not really a sickness but it makes me feel like there is throw up stuck in my throat. Thankful I still haven’t caught the flu yet though!

maternity photography

Body changes: I get a lot of looks and comments from strangers about my bump now. Stares bother me but comments don’t as much (as long as they are nice ha). A lot of strangers say I don’t look big at all or I’m so small referring to my bump and I’m never really sure what to say to that. Thanks? One lady said I must be having a boy because my bump is round like a basketball. Well, she’s right on!

Body pain: Leg/hip pain and now my back has decided to start hurting as well. Awful calf cramps at night. I also had some super painful stomach cramping that came in waves and lasted for hours. Still not exactly sure what it all was. I’ve picked up my exercising again and now my knees ache. Man I’m just falling apart haha

Milestones: The nursery is pretty much done! Titus and I are both people that like to get things done and not wait to do things. I’ve started making lists of things that we need for baby, hospital bag, postpartum, etc and I’d like to check off all the boxes soon.

maternity photography maternity photography

Looking forward to: It seems like life has just been getting busy and going by so quickly and this makes me happy because it’s better than time dragging on and I’m so ready to meet baby! So I’m looking forward to this continuing.

Worst moments: Being diagnosed with gestational diabetes and trying to figure out this new diet. Not sleeping well and feeling the exhaustion of the third trimester. But other than that it’s been some pretty good weeks!

Best moments: Meeting my new niece! The weather warming up. Getting things done. Having a lot of things to look forward to.

maternity photography maternity photography

Titus’ thoughts: “I feel like everything I do is meaningful now because I’m doing it as a father. I built shelves for the nursery and I realized I was doing those for my son and it felt like it had more meaning. It might be overdramatic but that’s just how I feel.”

“I’m at the point where I just can’t wait to meet him.”


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