3 Cool Ways to Wear a Watch (they’re not just for men!)

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Watches are a timeless piece, but one I feel is often overlooked. Not a lot of people think to throw a watch on when accessorizing, but this is an iconic piece that will never go out of style! Even though they may not be as needed anymore (hello smartphones), they are a classic accessory and also practical. You can’t beat that! Adding a watch to your outfit is an effortless way to refine your look. Check out my top 3 ways to wear a watch!

3 Ways to Wear a Watch

1. With a blazer
Blazers and watches are such a natural pairing. They give your outfit a professional business casual look.

wrist watch outfit

2. With a white tee
At first glance, a grungy t-shirt and frayed denim skirt may not look like much of an outfit, but a watch added to this casual look makes it casual cool.

wrist watch outfit

3. With high waisted jeans
A watch with some high waisted jeans gives a cool edgy/hipster feel to your outfit.

wrist watch outfit

Though a lot have people have transitioned over to those fancy electronic watches (nothing wrong with that), there’s just something to be said about that classic leather band. Not only will you be able to hold onto it for years to come, but it’s also a simple way to add a sophisticated element to your already chic style.

Do you have a leather watch? Do you remember to add it to your outfits?

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ways to wear a watch


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