3 Months | William Jackson

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If you read my thoughts on months 1&2, then you know I found taking care of a fussy baby and the adjustment to motherhood a little difficult. Now I’m happy to say that headed into month 3 things are looking pretty good for us!


He’s on the bigger side for his age. In the 97% for height and weight. He is 17.12 pounds and 25.5 inches since his last doctor appointment!


A sweet sister-in-law threw us such a nice baby shower for their side of the family. Will got to meet family and get his pictures taken of course 😉

3-month-newborn 3-month-newborn

It was our first big road trip and overnight stay. The car ride did not go well.

But the overnight did!

3-month-newborn 3-month-newborn3-month-newborn 3-month-newborn

Walks are our favorite. He still loves the wind and being outside.

3-month-newborn 3-month-newborn 3-month-newborn3-month-newborn 3-month-newborn

We usually always end up getting coffee drinks to reward ourselves for walking haha

3-month-newborn 3-month-newborn 3-month-newborn

Likes: being outside, sitting up in his walker (even though his feet don’t reach haha)

Dislikes: tummy time still (but not as much), not being held for naps

3-month-newborn 3-month-newborn 3-month-newborn3-month-newborn 3-month-newborn

Instagram had this new feature come out where you can have your followers ask questions and then you answer them. I got a lot of good ones that I was going to answer in my 2 month post but didn’t (whoops), because I forgot #mombrain and also some I really didn’t know how to answer.

For example, one was “what would you say to someone that is on the fence about having kids?” Hm. That is a great question because I feel like it’s expected that just because you are a woman you must want kids and that’s not the case for everyone. Now I’m not here to argue whether or not a woman must have kids. I think the case of whether or not to have kids really goes back to your beliefs.

Growing up I assumed that I would have kids one day, but it was not something that I necessarily thought about or planned around. At times I was on the fence too. So I guess I would have to ask why are you on the fence? Because it’s messy, hard, and not very fun at times? All of those things were/are true for me. But now Will greets me with a smile every morning and it’s the best way to start the day. Now I’m the last person that would try to convince anyone to have kids, but if you’re on the fence because it might be too hard (the most common thing I hear), I’m living proof that it won’t always be that way!

I believe that babies should be viewed as blessings and that they teach us, challenge us, and show us that life is really not about us at all haha. Plus they’re pretty stinkin’ cute 😉

3-month-newborn 3-month-newborn

That was probably not the answer you were looking for, so if you’re reading this, sorry!

Though I’m not sure why all my baby posts end up being so wordy. I should just baby spam you and move on…like everyone else haha! We’ll see how the next one goes. If you’re still reading this, come back for next month’s baby (and life) update!




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