3 Tips to Bring Your Old Clothes Back to Life

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Happy Tuesday everyone! International Women’s Day is just 2 days away and in honor of celebrating women I wanted to write a post that I know could be helpful to all women out there-what to do with those clothes in your closet that you never wear, but you’re not ready to part with just quite yet!

When cleaning out my closet for spring the other day, I came across this black jumpsuit and realized I haven’t worn it in forever and I wasn’t sure why. It’s a pretty basic piece, so maybe I got bored with it, but because it’s a basic piece I knew outfit ideas were endless and I wasn’t ready to let go of it yet! Thankfully there are some pretty doable ways to make your old items look fresh again!

3 Tips to Bring Your Old Clothes Back to Life

1. Layer
Adding layers to anything is a great way to dress it up and make it look new again. To welcome in this new season I decided to give my black jumpsuit a spring feel by throwing on one of my favorites- a blush blazer.

2. Accessorize
It’s easy to transform any look by the accessories you put with it. Accessory ideas include a statement necklace, fancy sunglasses, or a new bag.

3. Switch up your footwear
Do you always wear the same footwear with the item that’s collecting dust in your closet? Change up your footwear to breathe new life into it. Always wear flats with it? Go with heels, and vice versa.

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Before you part with a piece for good, try jazzing it up a bit and see if that helps to inspire you to see the item in a new light!

So now let’s say you found your piece of clothing that needs a little loving, but now you’re in need of some items to jazz it up. Enter ThredUP! It’s no secret that I love thredUP and find a lot of my pieces there. Right now ThredUP is celebrating International Women’s Day by rounding up the top 30 closets of inspirational women (from actresses to stay-at-home moms) whose stuff on ThredUP always sells super duper fast!

You get to check out the list of all of these amazing women and shop their closets. The best part is that 100% of proceeds go to Girls, Inc, a nonprofit that supports young girls’ development and their futures.

Their closets are public now- so go shop! I know I will be (and I already did some pre-shopping…you know, to warm up) 😉

*This post is in collaboration with ThredUP, but all opinions and views are my own*



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