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With all the new third trimester symptoms, I feel like I am attached to Google. Every little spotting and cramping sends me in a search frenzy haha. But then I go to the doctor and baby’s heartbeat is good, I’m measuring on time, and my blood pressure is fine…so I think I might need to calm down a bit. But I am starting to realize that I don’t have many of these updates left! It’s pretty crazy and sweet to think that I’ll get to meet this little guy soon that I’ve been carrying around for almost 8 months. That little freeloader… 😉

31- 34 Weeks Bumpdate

Baby is the size of a: coconut (31 weeks)


to a cantaloupe (34 weeks)


Miss anything: I miss a body that can bend down and get off couches without making sound effects haha

Food cravings: Nothing specific

Food aversion: I don’t think I like cottage cheese anymore

Mood: Feeling “over it” at times (okay, a lot of the time), but I know it’s not much longer and I just remind myself that I’d rather baby keep cooking!

Sleep: Just your normal get up a gazillion times in the night due to pain, needing to pee, or just plain ol’ insomnia.

Sickness: Really nothing thankfully

34 weeks pregnant 34 weeks pregnant

Body changes: Man o man stretch marks came out of nowhere. Not like it really matters, but I’m glad one-pieces and high waisted swimsuits are in haha. I’m just trying to remind myself that every body change serves a greater purpose! Also, I think I developed PUPPS on top of them as the stretch marks below and around my belly button became a huge bumpy rash and so incredibly itchy that I can’t even sleep. Titus told me he had a dream that he was scratching my stretch marks for me…maybe I talk about it too much :p I debated posting a photo on here but decided not to because it resembles the head of an alien and I’d rather not have people remember me for that ;P

Body pain: Not much on the sciatic nerve pain and heartburn anymore (thankfully), but now it’s muscle ligament pain, lightning crotch, pelvic pressure, upper and lower back pain (okay it’s just the whole back), and some Braxton Hicks that can get a little painful at times. I’ve had a couple instances where they’ve been pretty regular and coming every 10 minutes but they always end up going away. Obviously, because I’m still pregnant haha.

Milestones: Nesting showed up for me in an urge to want to bake even though I am not a huge baker at all! Despite the fact I haven’t had any uncontrollable urges to scrub the kitchen floor at 3 in the morning, we’re 99% ready for baby! Just have some random things left that I wanna do: freezer meals, paint my end table (don’t ask me why it just has to be done), clean out the car, and just some other random things.

On the subject of nesting, I definitely think that men get the urge too. Titus has been about buying all the things (and even dragging me out to the store sometimes), unpacking all the boxes, and making sure all our contraptions (stroller, video monitor, etc) are working and we know how to use them. I’m very thankful for a guy that is so hands-on!

I took a breastfeeding class that was super informational and helped me to feel more prepared. I started losing bits of my mucus plug but I know it will just regenerate if it’s this early. Baby is head down. Let’s hope he stays that way!

34 weeks pregnant

Looking forward to: Before I said I was looking forward to spring. Well, it’s spring and it doesn’t really feel like it haha. So now I’m looking forward to this summer and daily life with baby! T will get a lot of time off work so we’ve been talking about fun activities to do as a family of 3 (eek!).

Worst moments: I don’t really feel like I have a handle on my blood sugar/gestational diabetes. The further along in pregnancy the harder it is for the body to process insulin and foods that normally worked for me just don’t anymore. Then it’s back to the drawing board to figure out what I can and can’t eat. Though I was thinking this probably prepares me for motherhood because I’ve had plenty of people tell me that as soon as they think they figured something out with their kid they go ahead and change 😉

Best moments: Titus took me away for a couple of days for my birthday and it was so nice to get away together and connect before our lives majorly change!

fashion blogger fashion bloghotel room

My sisters threw me a wonderful baby shower and I was so thankful for not only the hard work they put into it but my amazing friends and family that came out to support me and baby!

baby shower outfit

Titus’ parental leave policy updated and now he gets 10 weeks off paid!! He can split it up into 3 chunks and just has to use it within a year of the child’s life. I know having him around to help will be huge so I’m super thankful.

Titus’ thoughts: “The biggest thing has been getting everything finalized and getting all the little things he would need. I have officially turned into someone that goes to Walmart and has a cart full of baby stuff.” 

“It has been really hard watching Carolyn go through all the painful things that go along with pregnancy. I wish I could take it from her, but I can’t do anything about it. And if we have more kids then she’ll have to go through this again. It makes me really impressed with women, but especially my wifey for lifey.” 

“I feel like the baby and I are bonding more because I’ll feel him move when Carolyn goes to sleep and it’s like we’re hanging out and he’s moving just for me.”

“I don’t want to rush the newborn stage, but I’m excited for him to grow up so he can go on road trips with me. We can have some good bro time.”

“I’m so excited for him to say “da bears” for the first time that I’ve been teaching it to my nephew. Plus his dad is a Packer fan so that’s just icing on the cake.” 




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