35-38 Weeks | Bumpdate

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Getting there! Who knows if this will be my last update or if I’ll have a couple more. Around 34, 35 weeks I was having symptoms that made me think labor was not too far off. Now I don’t think he’ll be coming anytime soon ;P Besides the normal third trimester things, I don’t have many “signs” that due date is here. He’ll definitely be a surprise when he comes!

35-38 Weeks Update

Baby is the size of a: pineapple (35 weeks)


to a winter melon (38 weeks)

winter melon

Miss anything: Good clothes! The clothing struggle is real right now! But it’s too soon to the end to buy anything (in my opinion) so you can call my fashion style too small and borrowed from the hubby’s closet #classy Also, along with my clothes I miss doing my normal fashion posts and pictures…can’t wait to get back to those soon! And I’ve had to turn down some modeling jobs I would have loved doing…so I miss modeling and I’m excited to get back into that!


Food cravings: Sweets…but I’ve been pretty good 😉

Food aversion: Nothing really


Mood: I definitely get those moods where I’m feeling done and over it, but overall I’ve been in pretty good spirits with the weather being so nice and being able to work out in my garden! At one point I was in such a good mood I said I didn’t even care when the baby would come. I took that back the next week haha.

Sleep: Sleep was getting pretty good but it took a turn (again) around 37 weeks with insomnia and restlessness. Started napping a ton during the day like I’m in my 1st trimester. Probably has to do with a lack of sleep and just good ol’ pregnancy.

Sickness: Feeling like I’m in my first trimester at times with just weird feelings of blah/sickness and being pretty moody. Just weird hormonal surges.

Body changes: Swollen feet…yay

swollen feet bumpdate

Body pain: General body soreness & pain

Milestones/Updates: Did a hospital tour and it was really nice to get a feel for where I’ll be and hear what the normal routines are that they do there. It was a lot of things I was wanting to do so that made me feel like I was at the right place!

Because of gestational diabetes I’ve started doing weekly NST (nonstress tests) where they hook me up to monitors to monitor baby’s heart rate, movements, contractions, etc. I’ve actually really enjoyed them! So far I love the hospital staff and sitting with my feet up with someone bringing me ice water is actually pretty nice haha.

bumpdate bumpdate

Looking forward to: Baby time! It’s really just so close now. I’m also looking forward to the little things such as sleeping on my stomach, not having to test my blood sugar, getting back into my old clothes, losing weight, etc. I could come up with lots more haha.

Worst moments: Titus’ car broke down and it’s a pretty major fix 🙁 Booo. When it broke down we just decided to walk home because it didn’t seem like it was that far away and it was super nice out. Well, I forgot pregnant Carolyn tires out way faster and 4 miles and 3 hours later we finally made it home haha. If that wasn’t going to put me into labor nothing would! My feet were tore up after but it was actually pretty fun and now a great memory so it’s half worst moment and half best moment 😉


Best moments: I’ve just been filling the days with lots of fun things to help the time go by faster. Seeing friends and family. Walking. Sitting outside. Working on our garden. Finishing some house projects. Going to a flea market. Finding awesome garage sale things. Little treats. It’s been nice!

lifestyle blogger

Titus’ thoughts: “Not much to say. I think I was ready for him to arrive around week 30 or so and now it’s just a lot of sitting around and waiting and I wish he would just hurry up and arrive! I’ve enjoyed being able to do house projects to get my mind off of it though. I feel like I’m getting the house all ready for his arrival.”


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