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  1. the fake purse: “What do you do with your hand when you feel awkward and don’t know how to pose? Well, just stand there and look like you feel awkward and don’t know how to pose.”

    What about fashion bloggers looking at the camera- is that a pose? I don’t see that too often.

  2. i LOVE this post, it made me laugh the whole thing. And it’s so true! I just had a shoot this AM and am now realizing how many of these I used! coffee and my hair are my go-tos!

    • Aw! So glad you loved it! Haha, it’s funny when you start to notice it in yourself! Going through my pictures I was thinking “wow, I do that one A LOT!”

  3. Too funny! And so very true! I love your Pantene commercial ones, though. My least favorite blogger pose is the walking in the street one. You know, where there are taxis and tons of traffic and they look like they’re oh-so-busy and rushing off to be somewhere, but you know they’re really just holding up traffic and being obnoxious. lol

    • Haha good point! There’s never any traffic where I live in Iowa lol, but I could see that being a problem in a big city 😉

  4. So funny! I always do the side pose listening to that comedian lol! I always take multiple poses but then end up liking those the best … never fails lol!

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