7 Fashion Blogger Poses That Don’t Make Sense

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 fashion blogger poses
Okay, Okay, I know you guys are all thinking it. Why is it that fashion blogger poses always look the same?

One scroll through your Instagram feed and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. I know I see it all the time. But in the spirit of being kind (and not trying to call anybody out), I decided I’m going to use my own photos as examples, because GUESS WHAT, I’m guilty too 😉

7 Fashion Blogger Poses that Don’t Make Sense

1. The Lost Car Keys 
Why are we always looking down?? What did we drop that we STILL can’t find?
fashion-blogger-poses fashion-blogger-poses fashion-blogger-poses

2. The Fake Purse
What do you do with your hand when you feel awkward and don’t know how to pose? Well, just stand there and look like you feel awkward and don’t know how to pose.
fashion-blogger-poses fashion-blogger-poses fashion-blogger-poses

3. The Off Camera Comedian
Why are we always smiling and laughing at nothing? I know for a fact there is no one standing there telling us the funniest thing we’ve heard all day.
fashion-blogger-poses fashion-blogger-poses fashion-blogger-poses

4. The Endless Walk
How many imaginary calories are we burning by going nowhere?

fashion-blogger-poses fashion-blogger-poses fashion-blogger-poses

5. The Cold Coffee Pose
How much money have we spent on coffee just to drink it cold in the name of a good Instagram photo?
fashion-blogger-poses fashion-blogger-poses fashion-blogger-poses

6. The Pantene Commercial
Apparently, our hair is just so irresistible that we just can’t. stop. touching. it.

fashion-blogger-poses  fashion-blogger-poses fashion-blogger-poses

7. The 21st Century Teenager
We’re so addicted to Instagram that we have to be on Instagram while taking photos for Instagram.

fashion-blogger-poses fashion-blogger-poses fashion-blogger-poses

Did I miss any? What are you most guilty of?

I gotta say I do #1 the most… 😉

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 fashion blogger poses


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