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Hey everyone! Today I’m sharing a beauty product review for a lot of skin care products and I’m excited to share my results with you. I’m a sucker for skincare products and I love finding things that make me feel confident and things that help improve my skin.

These are new Japanese skin care items from SkinStore and not all have been launched yet! I received these products near the beginning of the month and I’ve spent this time testing them out and you can be some of the first people to know about them!

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably would have seen the unboxing on my Instagram story. So many great products with pretty packaging!

First, let’s start with this mascara:

MARAY Paint-on False Lashes

beauty product review skinstore beauty product review skinstore

Product Goal:
The packaging says it’s supposed to be paint on false lashes with cool, new technology.

Pro: When washing this off, it comes off in clumps not streaks. If that makes sense. I hate the huge raccoon eyes you get when washing off your eye makeup. Yes, I have eye makeup remover but sometimes I’m just too lazy. It really does add length and my eyelashes were pretty long afterwards with minimal clumping.

Con: My eyes felt a little irritated after a while. But in the way where it feels like you got mascara on your water line. Because it was that feeling, I wonder if I put too many coats on or if I could have been better at applying it. So this may just be a con on my mascara ability haha.

Conclusion: I was pretty impressed with this product. It doesn’t add volume, but it does add length. I put a lot of coats on because I thought the more I put on, the longer they would be. Not totally true. I wouldn’t advise putting tons of coats on, as it will just start to irritate your eyes. It did take a couple of washes to get it completely out of my lashes. This could be a pro to some and a con to others.

No, it’s not the same as putting on false eyelashes. You don’t get that “thick, bombshell” look, but I will say this mascara gave me the most length from any other mascara I’ve used.

Mote Mascara

beauty product review skinstore beauty product review skinstore

Product Goal:
The packaging on this product says it gives you a smooth finish with a 3D screw brush, contains eyelash serum, and comes off easily with warm water-no panda eyes.

Pro: The brush did seem to take my lashes individually and coat them. Just like the mascara above, I like that when washing it off it doesn’t make your eyes all streaky!

Con: Read conclusion

Conclusion: Overall it seemed like pretty basic mascara to me. Nothing was revolutionary, but nothing disappointed me either.

LuLuLun Sheet Masks

beauty product review skinstore beauty product review skinstore

Product Goal: The pink mask is full of multi-vitamins and is supposed to brighten your skin, moisturize, and keep it healthy. The gold mask is also full of vitamins and is supposed to help against aging. You apply it to a clean face and leave it on for 10-15 minutes. When time is up, I do not wash my face but pat it onto my skin.

Pro: With these masks I can put it on and walk around the house doing dishes or cleaning and it will stay on pretty well. I know, I know, masks are for relaxing, but if you’re a busy mom or someone that likes to be productive, sometimes double duty is nice!

I definitely notice a difference after using the pink mask. It’s supposed to give you a healthy glow and I do see it. After taking this mask off my skin looks dewier and shines in all the right places. The gold mask is supposed to help against aging, and even though I obviously won’t see those results right now, it does deliver the same brightening quality.

Con: The product does what it says, but the glow is more short-term than long-term.

beauty product review skinstore beauty product review skinstore beauty product review skinstore beauty product review skinstore
Conclusion: I haven’t tried a lot of sheet masks before, but I really do like them. Yes, it has a nice dewy glow and even though it might not last, the product description for the pink mask on their website says it has acacia honey, rice ceramide, ginseng root, orange peel, and neem leaf in their masks. Those sound like really good products to me and I’m sure over time these products will really get in your skin and show more long-term results.

Refa Carat

beauty product review skinstore beauty product review skinstore

Product Goal: This roller is supposed to replicate a face massage done by an esthetician. Long-term it’s supposed to alleviate tension, enhance firmness, and give you supple skin. You roll this on a clean face (or body) back and forth. When you purchase this, it comes with an instruction manual and shows you some ways to roll it effectively. It can be done whenever and where ever.

Just by packaging and design, it definitely looks like a very high end, luxurious product. Easy to use and hold. Comes with a nice drawstring bag to store it. No pain. The rollers slightly “pinch” your face so it makes you look fresh and more awake, but it doesn’t have pain.

It’s hard to know if this device is “on” or working. It’s solar operated, not battery operated and doesn’t have any noise or light or movement to it. However, the website says that from the solar battery it generates a mild micro current to stimulate cell regeneration and circulation. So even though you don’t feel it working, technically you’re not supposed to as it’s a “mild micro current.”

The results aren’t as obvious, but I do think they are there. After doing research on this product, I found it has great reviews all across the internet. Many people say it helps with muscle tension, lymphatic drainage, and keeping your skin from being saggy.

In my personal experience, I do not struggle with those problems, but it did add some color to my skin. Think those that pinch their cheeks to make them look more awake. I think this product is best for an older person looking to help with aging and stay youthful or for a younger person that wants to keep young skin and might not see results right away, but later on in life you’ll notice a difference with consistent use. I don’t think it’s necessarily a must have product for everyone, but it would be a great investment for those aforementioned!

Hair Milk Pack

beauty product review skinstore beauty product review skinstore

Product Goal: The small bottle is a hair milk and a leave in conditioner. The bigger bottle is a conditioner. It’s supposed to moisturize your hair and add luster. It has rinRen in it, an herb from the soil of Japan.

Pro: I love this hair pack! It does exactly what it says it will. I especially love the hair milk though. I put the hair milk in my hair while it’s wet and before gel. It makes my hair thick, but not over-voluminous. It makes my curls feel defined and it doesn’t make my hair crunchy.

Con: The only con I can think of is that the rose smell is a little outdated and overpowering. It’s a little harder to look past the smell as it’s in your hair and around you all day, but I put up with it for the pros.

Conclusion: Overall I’m happy with these products. The only thing I would change is the fragrance.

I hope this beauty product review helped you.

Remember, I will always be honest and never lie about a product or my thoughts on it!

I love expanding my beauty and product knowledge and I discovered a lot of new beauty products through this collaboration! Thank you SkinStore and thanks friends for reading!

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