Blog Audit Service

Blog Audit Service

Are you a beginner blogger that wants to make sure you’re starting off on the right foot?

Or maybe you’ve been blogging for a while but you feel stuck.

You’re not making much money. Your page views aren’t growing. You put tons of time and effort into your blog, yet you still can’t seem to grow.

Are you frustrated? 
Understandably so!

Sometimes you just need a pro blogger to take a look at what you’re doing, spot your holes, and give you honest feedback about what’s not working and what you could improve to reach your goals.

I’ve gone from 0 viewers to 250k/ month…and counting!
I’ve gone from making zilch (and actually being negative) to making 5-12k in a month. Consistently. Not just once!
I’ve gone from 0 email subscribers to growing my list by hundreds and hundreds a month.

Balancing other jobs and kids, I did this on my own with no team, no staff of writers, no blogging giveaways, no blogging courses, and no link-ups.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with those things and they can be very beneficial, but the point is, I’ve put in years of hard, hard work and lots of trial and error to grow a blog that has exceeded my wildest expectations. Now, I’m passionate about helping others do the same!

Once upon a time, I thought having a successful blog was only for the top elite, but I believe that with time + knowledge + work, anyone can get there. And if you’re passionate about growing, then that includes you.

It’s time to grow, reach those goals, and take your blog to the next level!

This service will include a questionnaire filled out by you to let me know what’s already been working (including stats), a thorough review of your website, a 30-minute video going over the things you could improve including content, SEO, social sharing, and email marketing, AND a 15-minute live video chat or phone call follow up going over any questions you may have.

I’ll be looking at your website with fresh eyes giving you feedback on:
  • Content (blog posts, copy, about page)
  • Visual aesthetics (layout, design, photography)
  • Social sharing tactics (including Pinterest strategy)
  • Email marketing (opt-ins and relevancy)
  • Keyword usage & introductory SEO

Sometimes you can get so close to your blog (and frustrated with it) that you can’t think about the next steps to take or even what you could do better. Let me come in with fresh eyes and give you valuable tips and actionable steps you can take to improve your blog and get you even closer to reaching your goals.

Are you ready to grow your page views?
Make more money?
Get more opportunities?
Are you ready to take your blog to the next level?
Click the button below!

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