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21 Affordable and Seriously Chic Clothes To Dramatically Elevate Your Style

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I like to consider myself a pretty smart shopper and even-keeled person, but I’ll admit, these clothing items even had my heart beating a little faster, and rationalizing with myself, “Well, maybe I do need 7 black and white cardigans after all.” They’re just that good. If you’re looking for seriously chic clothes (but also affordable!) to add to your wardrobe to elevate your style, look no further. The question isn’t, “What should I get?”, but instead, “How do I restrain myself?”

* This post is a roundup of things I found on the internet that are cute, but I have not personally tried them.

1. Black Pearl Cardigan
A basic black cardigan that’s elevated in all the right ways. Pearl buttons and a diamond collar take this piece from staple to “staple it to my body and never take it off.”

2. Black Button-Up Jacket
The perfect jacket to go with anything from skirts to jeans. Pair this with your favorite pair of jeans and ballet flats for some seriously classy “if Audrey Hepburn were French” vibes.

3. Round Neck Jacket
Same. But in pink.

4. White Contrast Trim Blazer
Channel Coco Chanel in this classic black and white tweed jacket. For a twist on a classy look, wear it over a graphic tee.

5. Contrast Trim Vest
This tweed vest will be the perfect companion to your silky blouses. Wear it with dress pants for work or straight-leg jeans during the week.

6. White Contrast Bow Cardigan
This cardigan sweater just proves that you can be over 12 and totally get away with wearing a giant bow on your chest.

7. Black Contrast Cardigan
Or if a giant bow on the chest is too much for you, how about the pockets instead?

8. V-Neck Cardigan
Black and white cardigans: a series. Is there anything as chic? They come pre-dressed up so you don’t have to try too hard. Pair a cardigan like this with skirts or dress pants for work. You can wear them over dresses too. To dress it down, pair it with jeans and a basic tee.

9. Red Ruffle Cardigan
Ah, color. She exists! This statement cardigan in a delightful color combo can be worn more than you think. The red color can be perfect for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, spring, and summer.

10. Beige Asymmetrical Skirt
This unique yet classy skirt will look fabulous in the office. Pair with a blouse, heels, and pearl earrings for a look that’s worthy of Jackie O.

11. Ruffle Waistcoat
Don’t feel like speaking today? No worries. Let your vest do all the talking. Wear this vest with your hair pulled back to really show off this statement piece.

12. Dalmatian Print Teddy Coat
Yes, faux fur can be chic. Especially when it’s in this print. Having a coat that makes a statement makes you feel all that much better in the dead of winter.

13. Drop Shoulder Chunky Knit Cardigan
Slightly oversized, this grandma chic cardigan reads classy yet can be casual- all at the same time.

14. Pinstripe Sleeveless Cardigan
It’s sweater vest season. And if ugly Christmas sweaters aren’t your thing, why not try mixed prints instead? Pair over a white blouse for a classic look.

15. White Contrast Cardigan
Peter Pan but make it chic. Wear this sweater tucked into your favorite shorts, wide-leg pants, or jeans.

16. Beige Lace Blazer
This tweed jacket is incredibly classy and will make the perfect pairing for your work outfits or things for formal occasions.

17. Bow Cardigan
I think we’ve noticed by now that when it comes to chic clothes, some of the best pieces are black and white and have pearls or bows. Or all! These items are classy and timeless.

18. Nautical Shorts
In the winter, pair these with tights and knee-high boots to keep the chic going all year round.

19. Pinstripe Cardigan Sweater
Okay, so maybe you don’t want to be decked out in pearls and bows. Enter this sweater. Classic color combo and style, this is a piece you’ll reach for in your wardrobe year after year.

20. Beige Check Skirt
With a sweater, leggings, and boots, this look is preppy school girl meets chic.

21. Ruffle Cardigan
A staple piece becomes elevated with the classy buttons and ruffle shoulder. Wear it as a stand-alone top with jeans for a casual-chic look.

If chic clothes are your jam (jelly and bread), then keep reading for even more tips on how to elevate and classify your wardrobe!

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