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Climbing the Mound in Platteville, WI

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No fancy travel this year? No problem. At least that’s what I’m telling myself… 😉 We’ve been making the most out of our summer by lots of outdoor play, yummy picnics, and exploring the small towns around us. Our next adventure brought us to Platteville, WI!

Platteville is a pretty small town with about 12,000 people. While it may not have lots of entertainment and shopping, it makes up for it with beauty and views. Wisconsin is one of our favorite places to explore as a family. It’s nearby and so beautiful.

In Platteville, we decided it would be fun to hike The Mound, also called The M. Though it’s not really a hike, as much as it’s a tiring climb. There are 266 steps and it’s about a mile long. Enough to feel like you got a little bit of a workout, but not totally impossible for kids to do. It got its name because the letter “m” is written with white rocks on the hill that can be seen far away. There’s some history behind it if you’re interested in that sort of stuff!

Though it may seem daunting at first, the views are worth it. You should definitely check it out if you find yourself in the area. Though we did a quick climb, I think it would be really fun to pack a picnic for the top of the mound as a sweet reward!

The Mound- Platteville, WI

platteville wisconsin m mound
outdoor family hike
outdoor family hike
outdoor family hike

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